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  • LoneFoxさんがコメントを作成しました:

    For real, why would they change this when it used to be this way back in 2016, the change to have the save button right there was one of the best things they done that was forgotten about because i...

  • LoneFoxさんがコメントを作成しました:

    Why hasn't this become a thing yet? This would be terrific for the CLI environments such as server based operating systems,it would be such a resource saver. I upvoted.

  • LoneFoxさんがコメントを作成しました:

    What I hate most is that the video calls now, the other person you can see, it used to be full screen but now they're a small little rectangle that doesnt even go close to filling the screen. It li...

  • LoneFoxさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Mobile profile status and Spotify status for iOS

    The android version of Discord has the mobile profile status while iOS users still have the old normal online, idle, dnd, and invisible/offline status and doesn’t show when a user is on a mobile pl...