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    Scheduled Events

    Note: This is currently only available to partners, but we are planning on rolling this out to all communities soon. With Scheduled events, you will now be able to schedule "events" in your server ...

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    [iOS] Provisional Push Notifications

    What is a Provisional Push Notification? Provisional Push Notifications are a type of notification where apps can silently push notifications to users (without sound or banner). They show up in the...

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    Discord Chess in the Park FAQ

    What does this article cover? What is Chess in the Park? How to start a Chess in the Park game? How do I join Discord Games Lab? Discord Games Lab Server FAQ What is Chess in the Park? Chess ...

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    Note: - We’re initially rolling out *Threads* to about 10% of servers on Discord, while we monitor performance, but hope to get to 100% by the end of the week. Discord can feel like an ocean someti...

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    Sticker Suggestions FAQ

    Discord will show you sticker suggestions when you’re typing messages to help remind you of all the great stickers that you have ready to use in your conversations!  Depending on your situation, yo...

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    私たちはユーザー設定内に新たなプロフィールページを作り、Discordのメンバー達に表示するプロフィールをカスタマイズできるようにしました。 注: この機能は現在デスクトップ版のみとなります。モバイル版は近日実装となります。 ユーザー名またはタグの変更に関しては、こちらのアカウントのカスタマイズをご覧ください。 プロフィールアバター アバターをアップロードしてプロフィールを整えましょう。P...

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    Managing Custom Stickers FAQ

    We recently made changes to our available file formats. Moving forward, Lottie file format will only be available to Partners and Verified servers. Your server can begin uploading custom stickers o...

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    Tips for Sticker Creators FAQ

    Note: If you’re just getting started with sticker creations, read this article first before you begin creating stickers! What does this article cover?  Custom Sticker Requirements Things to Keep i...

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    Pronoun Picker Bot FAQ

    What does this article cover?  What is the pronoun bot for? How do I add the bot to my server? How do I use the pronoun bot? Customizing Pronouns/Buttons Do I have to customize it? How do I get ...

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    Discord X GLSEN - Pride 2021 FAQ

    What does this article cover?  Discord X GLSEN Donation Structure 20$ -Donation Tier 30$ - Pride 2021 Complete Sticker Set  100$ - Glitter Gold Pins & Stickers Set Eligibility for Rewards Ship...