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  • Make the theme sync across all UI elements

    I find it annoying how when a user is in dark mode and want to join/create a server, they see a *white* ui element asking them the question (even when iOS has the dark ui version XD).

  • Mark All As Read


    It would be nice to have a little button up under the friends button (under online friends status) to mark all notifications as read if and when you leave discord for a couple days. The button coul...

  • VC Link

    It would be awesome to link VCs into channels like #channel-name using the "%" symbol (like %VC_name)

  • Self-Embeds

    I would love it if there was an option to make your own embeds that you can edit with a command (maybe with "/embed : <desc with or as line break> : <footer> : <optional image link> : <color hex>"...

  • Idea for Server Folders (Organize servers)


    You know that little bar below the online friend count? Well, duplicate that (except add numbers/5 letters) as an organizer, and you can organize under the settings

  • Keybind Sync

    I, for one, hate having to copy down all my keybinds from one computer to another, so keybind sync (maybe with an option to sync) would be an amazing time saver

  • Screen Recording

    I think it would be a cool idea to add a screen recorder either built in to Canary (for bugs and things) or as a separate download

  • Color Roles

    My server (and potentially many others) has this menu where you can choose a color. I was simply wondering if there was a way to *not* have 30 roles for colors, but instead have one. Potentially th...

  • Role Menu or SelfAssign Roles

    This is the related to the "Color Roles Section" I made as suggestion 360037425252. It would be cool to have a rainbow colored embed with reaction roles or something similar. Simply just click on a...

  • Clyde on iOS


    Shouldn't we be able to delete Clyde's (bot) messages on iOS? I would love that feature. If you *can* delete Clyde's messages on iOS please delete this suggestion and DM me