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  • Scrolling through message edits

    I'm thinking something where you can keep pressing the up button similar to how you already edit a message from selecting the message bar, but in the message edit, if you scroll to the top and pres...

  • Screenshot folder direct to folder

    I think there can be is, many games how all sorts of screenshot folders or our screenshotting applications. What I think would be cool is to be able to select folderS (multiple please) and then whe...

  • Copy author ID from message

    So it’s become apparent to me that when holding on a message one of the buttons is copy ID this simply copies the message ID which is pretty useful sometimes. However I think there should be an opt...

  • Discord Pop Socket

    pls and thank

  • Discord Mobile Badge Popup

    I had an idea for mobile badges. I was thinking that similar to how desktop dead with it the mobile badges ( (❤️Dabbit)) should be able to be pressed and a little p...

  • Bot Server Count endpoint and/or in user info

    I think it'd be cool to post the bots server count directly to either their user info or maybe a seperate endpoint for it. This would prevent people from lying about their server count (which does ...

  • Bot Support Server Button

    Concept Example:  My idea is that on the developer portal in the application>bot there could be an option to select a server that you own, this would be the “bots suppor...

  • Dismiss Notification with Swipe

    With the new notification in the mobile update, you should be able to swipe them out of the way and get them out of the way of the chat and also see the next notification if it’s there.repost becau...

  • Vote Field in Feedback Servers Embed


    So in the Official Feedbacks Server, add a field for the total amount of votes and it edits the field as people adds votes. Because the reactions isn’t too perfect because some people use the !vote...

  • Bot Dashboard Integrated Straight Into Discord

    Now I know what you’re saying, this is absolutely absurd, but here me out. We could have some kind of custom dashboard setup process for bot developers and then users can click the bot (and when it...