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  • Change the picture in the messages.

    Good day ! I have long wanted to write, but I forgot, I think it would be better if the messages in which we put the picture could change the picture, not just the text. (for example, if the pictur...

  • Reactions.

    Why not add the ability to watch everyone who has left any reaction under the message? Since at the moment you can view a maximum of 4 people, then you just write + and the meaning of people who ha...

  • Binding by IP and the prohibition of temporary mails.

    I think many people like me got people who register additional accounts for unwanted things and they can do it endlessly, in general, I propose to introduce such a system - you create an account in...

  • Blocked people.

    Well, many of us are thrown into the black list by different people, the Discrd have already done that WE can see who is blocked from us, but why not see who has blocked us?