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  • Per-Channel Default Notification Settings

    Server Owners/Admins Should Be Able To Set Default Notifications Per-Channel, Instead Of The Server As A Whole. For Example, I Want A General Channel To Stay As Only Mentions, But An Announcements ...

  • Multiple embeds in one message

    Bots should be able to send multiple embeds in the same message

  • iOS user settings

    iOS user settings should include more things, such as editing roles and changing nicknames. I'm aware that these can be accessed un Server Settings, but it is tedious to go there every time.

  • Show notes in DM

    Notes should be displayed in the top bar when sending someone a message, similar to nicknames.

  • Better Moderation Features

    Note: I am aware that there are bots that do this, I just think that it should be a feature through Discord itself. I have several ideas: 1. Right click on the user to view a moderation log that in...

  • Hotkey to leave voice channel

  • Search by status

    like in:#general status:unread to see only unread or read messages

  • /clyde

    A command or some other way for admins to make clyde send the user a message that only they can see

  • Manually order roles within other roles

    For example, I have all Admins and Mods displayed under the "Staff" role, but I want to have Admins above Mods instead of alphabetical

  • Manage Roles

    Make it so that people with the "manage roles" permission cannot add/remove roles of members with higher roles. Ex: A server moderator can (and shouldn't be able to) remove the "staff" role from th...