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    Interesting. There is also discord protocol. If you replace "https" with "discord" - the resulting link should open in the client. But such links are not recognized as links, neither in embeds nor ...

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    Finally a valid concern. Thanks. I'm leaving this, albeit downvoted, request so there is a place to gather all thoughts on the matter. I don't think having GraphQL alongside with REST has much of o...

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    updated again

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    GraphQL API

    This will allow to do more with fewer requests and in a consistent way. This will solve issues like this:   Updat...

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    Can you see the :on: emoji on the image above? I think they also need to solve that issue. Curre...

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    I doubt VLADY understand the issue. Discord uses it's own emoji images across all platforms. I'm not talking about unicode emojis. I know I can add custom emojis to my server. But I have better use...