Ťέŗмĭήάℓ Ǻčςέŝš (ƛʑʋɍɛ ϯᾰɨ)

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Ťέŗмĭήάℓ Ǻčςέŝš (ƛʑʋɍɛ ϯᾰɨ)さんの最近のアクティビティ
  • Ťέŗмĭήάℓ Ǻčςέŝš (ƛʑʋɍɛ ϯᾰɨ)さんがコメントを作成しました:

    Agreed, each voice channel should also double up as a text channel as well, as having to join one voice channel and then open a separate text channel can get frustrating. TteamSpeak and mumble both...