Certified Mod, Trainee mod @ NZXT and blog writer for the discord.fr unofficial Discord blog.

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  • Developers Portal Improvements Thread

    As seen in many others posts, the improvement of the Discord Developers Portal is highly requested. So I put here all useful suggestions I found on the Feedback page or just things I want to be add...

  • More Microphone Shortcuts

    Actually, we have only shortcuts to mute or deafen ourselves, i think discord should add a shortcut to easely change our microphone's volume

  • Applications control panel into the desktop app

    Hi there, i had a great idea for all the developpers that are using the discord API :D I think we should be able to have access to the discord developpers portal's panel throught the desktop app wh...

  • Global Emojis for Boosted Servers

    Many of us knows about GW Emojis, since emojis are nitro perks i think it would be awesome for Boosted Servers to have the possibility to add Global Emojis for their member that they can use across...

  • Right Click > Add Server to Folder

    I've already submit this idea on twitter there and the awesome Community Manager of Discordapp sent me here, so this is my idea: For the some poeples that want to do things quick, maybe you can add...

  • Chat Tag

    Let the user be able to put a "variable" in their messages, like:Hi @everyone, welcome to **{server.name}** we're {server.membercount} !Theses tags could be useful too: - {server.invitelink}: Put t...

  • Profile picture on push notifications (Android)

    Hi, today i had a new update of my phone UI (EMUI of Huawei). This update changed the way that displays notifications and for discord it's now showing the picture of the server where the notificati...