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    5 Yıl'ıncı rozet

    Discord'u 5 yıl boyunca kullandığımız zaman ücretsiz olarak 5 yıl rozetini alırsak güzel olabilir.

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    Erken destekçi rozeti'nin tekrardan alınabilir hale gelmesi

    bilindiği üzere erken destekçi rozeti 2018 yılında alınabiliyordu ancak şimdiki zamanda'da alınabilir olması insanlar için iyi olabilir bu şekilde rozet biriktiren arkadaşlar'da bütün rozetlerini t...

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    About Pictures

    If we give an example of the picture we throw at 1920x720 and let's throw it somewhere, when we throw the picture does not appear as 1920x720 so before opening the picture and this really annoying ...

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    Discord Folders

    For convenience, discord folders can be set to the option to leave all servers, so that people can easily be separated from 50,60 servers or even 90 servers.

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    good suggestion!

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    Increasing member limit for audio channels

    There is a great interest in the audio channels on the discord servers of twitches or youtubers and 99 people enter the audio channels but there are outside members so it can be increased up to 120...

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    The colors are always on the side in embeds, but this is a bit uncomfortable for me, so I think the colors can be nice if they cover every side of the embeds.

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    As you know, people who are offline appear below the members, but sometimes we can be willing to be offline by ourselves, I think it is more useful when we are willing to be offline when we are not...

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    About Discord Updates

    Updates coming to Discord can be transferred to a channel by webhook.