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  • Dany-LFさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Add types in chat

    Add a new filter for "research" the messages: type:user type:bot This is really better

  • Dany-LFさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Ajout d'un bouton

    Il serait quand même plus facile de signaler une pub ou autre sans être obligé de pouvoir "supprimer" les message ou même du contenu NSFW ou GORE je propose donc de rajouer un bouton "signaler" com...

  • Dany-LFさんが投稿を作成しました:

    PC & PHONE

    Create a custom color backgroud system + possibility to change it with a chosen image

  • Dany-LFさんが投稿を作成しました:

    File 2000 caractères

    Add the possibility for phones to be able to send a file containing their text once the 2000 characters have been exceeded

  • Dany-LFさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Remove one thing

    It would be nice to remove in "user management" the possibility of seeing roles on the phone when you have permission to rename yourself

  • Dany-LFさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Integrated anti-spam discord

    Integrate a discord anti-spam configurable only for Server Administrators

  • Dany-LFさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Invite logs

    There should be the logs of who invites which person in the server logs to find the stiffness more easily

  • Dany-LFさんがコメントを作成しました:

    No i dont like ban people

  • Dany-LFさんがコメントを作成しました:

    Discord is already doing that.

  • Dany-LFさんが投稿を作成しました:

    suggestion of modification of permissions

    Since the BAN_MEMBERS permission requires greater responsibility, why not pass the possibility of PURGE from the KICK_MEMBERS permission to BAN_MEMBERS!?