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  • Embed GIF load inconsistency

    Just a small error that you guys made, that I only just found out.I like how the feature is that gifs only load when they're within the screen, as it restarts the animation every time you hover ove...

  • Allow videos to auto-replay

    Ever just watch a video and like it so much, that you play it over and over again? Just like YouTube, it lets people play videos on loop, without having to press 0 or the play button all over again...

  • VC Join/Leave slowmode

    Ever hate it when people spam joining and leaving VC, as you keep getting the notification sound effect? If we could have an option to add a timer to how fast users can join or leave, it would prev...

  • Image Censorship, besides NSFW

    To make moderation jobs easier, add a filter for images to censor certain words that we choose to censor. Just like you already have the AI to censor NSFW. I know Google Photos lets you search for ...

  • Errors in Account Disable

    I have noticed two errors; one being grammatic and another being the term. 1. Grammar Error When I click disable or delete account, it says "In order to delete your account you must transfer owners...