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  • ciach0_さんがコメントを作成しました:

    Okay, this feature has been implemented.

  • ciach0_さんが投稿を作成しました:

    Ability to add dynamic options to slash commands

    This would be super useful. I mean like an ability to add dynamic options, so you can reveal one option based on whether the input for the previous one has been added. For example, a user types a c...

  • ciach0_さんが投稿を作成しました:

    Add a minimum and maximum value

    Hi! I think that it'd be nice to have a minimum and maximum value on integers and numbers in slash command options feature.

  • ciach0_さんが投稿を作成しました:

    Add 'premium_type' field from User object to non-oauth2 applications.

    As the title says. I would really see it good for the 'premium_type' field from the User object to appear for non-oauth2 applications. It would be nice to see that a bot displays the Nitro tier you...

  • ciach0_さんが投稿を作成しました:

    "Delete Member Reactions" permission

    I'd personally like to see a "Delete Member Reactions" permission because not all users should be able to delete or pin messages. This permission will grant the user following: - Deleting all react...