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    Also, I forgot to mention, Fire OS is Android 5. It's lollipop. I've run discord on a fire 7 5th gen kids edition and it works perfectly. Some call problems since the tablet isn't built for VOIP an...

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    I agree with Moonlight Capital, but they accepted netflix, and they have some rated R films. If they accepted netflix, they should accept Discord. Not to mention the fact that it would stop SOME ro...

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    @Jordan exactly. The promotion of nitro is getting more and more aggressive. It's gotten to the point where it's completely ruining the experience for free users. Nice job discord. Not everyone has...

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    I have a problem with this too. Not only does it happen with sending images, it PIXELATES all profile pictures and makes them look awful. Maybe there can be a way to turn that off? Not gonna lie it...