Average discord user. Love giving feedback and my opinion on certain topics.

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    I’m 50/50 on this. Yes, discord is intended for use of everyone over the age of 13. However, it lacks a lot of security in some ways. I’ve gotten a crap ton of creepy messages, IP leaks etc on the ...

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    Discord Profile Backgrounds

    As I’ve noticed, as apart of recent updates when I click someone’s profile I see a little background with the same colour as their profile picture. This is sick. I think it’s be awesome if Nitro-Us...

  • Sebbyさんがコメントを作成しました:

    There’s no way to indefinitely delete numerous channels at once. I’d suggest either going through them and deleting it all on your own time, or at that point just delete the server.

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    I’m talking about the Events hypesquad.

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    Reopen Discord Hypesquad

    Been quite a while since the hype squad has been closed, I understand the concern of Covid. However, I think it’s pretty much semi contained at this point. I’d assume soon enough it’s going to reop...