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  • LumpyCustardさんがコメントを作成しました:

    Seems to work fine for me however i've noticed Discord is a bit resource intensive with Rosetta. Also notice that Activity Monitor reports Discord as "not responding" even though it's working. CPU ...

  • LumpyCustardさんがコメントを作成しました:

    We've Got Users Who Like To  Spam Constantly It Would Be Good To Enable Slowmode For Specific Annoying People Via Roles Thanks.

  • LumpyCustardさんがコメントを作成しました:

    Please add an option to disable this feature. I'm sick of pausing a song while playing a game only to have discord start playing something in the background. I don't play entire playlists in discor...

  • LumpyCustardさんがコメントを作成しました:

    Discord please add the ability to collapse the channel list similar to how you can collapse the user list. I have an ultrawide monitor and i like stacking multiple windows but using Discord feels l...