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  • Don't count Bots to the Reationcounter

    This feature could be useful who want a real Votecount (without calculating -1) or a better looking "navigationmenu". For example this reactions are created by a bot so users don't need to add them...

  • Discord Wiki Channel

    A lot of you know the basic channels called #faq, <#268811439588900865>, #links, .... One problem with those channels are, it can be only edited by the author. (I know some bots could manage it) My...

  • Avatar based on your status

    How could you make avatars more incredible after you added animated avatars? Adding more avatars! For example if you love cooking you could add a pic of you (your avatar) while cooking to your idle...

  • Banner Feedback

    The idea to give some more way to customize verified servers is great. Also the first time I saw this new feature was a nice eye catcher. But after a few times seeing it, I got the feeling its just...

  • Server option to show/hide member count (on invites)

    Not every guild wants to show how many members they have or are currently online. For example a guild/clan want to recruit new members but not reveal and possiblitiy to track other guilds how many ...

  • Apply the App (instead of the System) Language on Transaction History Page

    I don't know why the App Setting is ignored, but I think it should work for Android as the same way like on Desktop. (Jethro reported it as Not a bug)

  • Add Server Settings Links

    There are some Bots that assists with creating Roles, Webhooks, Emojis and Members. It would be a nice feature to add a shortcut link to the settings. For example the Bot created a new Role, the Bo...

  • Outage Compensation for Nitro Users

    I know there is no guarantee that Discord is up 24/7 but I think it would be fair to sum up the hours where Discord is unavailable and credit them back to the supporting (nitro) users. So the value...