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  • DiscordTV / DiscordVideo

    In the current state of YouTube many people (both creator and viewers) are looking for an alternative platform to host and view content on.  I believe that Discord would be the perfect platform for...

  • View text channel permission

    I suggesting to implement a function to add a "View text channel permission" like there is for the voice channels. Right it looks unorganized to see so many channels that you don't have access to s...

  • Adding transparent background to the page.


    I noticed that unlike in the Discord App or the dev page, here my avatar instead of having transparent part just becomes black like it does on steam...

  • Note system improvements.

    Add another note to the profile "Server notes" which are visible to everybody by default.  Rename the old notes system to "personnel notes" which are only visible to the user that made the note. A...