New image layout has broken my bot


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  • mybuiscuitzrmine

    Yeah, we seriously need an option instead of it being forced into a group making the preview images all cropped and messed up. I don't want to have to click on every image to see it fully. Sometimes, the group of 4 is good, but I just prefer the image layout to be default as it was before. Not saying it shouldn't be a thing, simply just saying there should be an option to toggle it instead.

  • lucky


  • Grimoire131

    Indeed, it should have a switch between the old style and the new one. The new one does not look very practical. Yes, it does save some screen space, but that doesn't change the fact that it displays less useful information and takes longer to get that information.

  • Tom Spander

    Same here @Rob Crouch. My bot posts graphics as multipart images to ensure they are consistently legible on mobile and desktop. This change greatly diminishes the user experience. A message flag to indicate whether the images should retain the legacy layout is not too much to ask for imo

  • Awzer5555

    Beyond just messing with bots, there are some other issues for admittedly specific situations. I am setting up a gameshow using Discord as a way of synchronizing answers from both teams, it becomes completely impossible to display the multiple answers at once with this new system. While this is a very niche reason to have an issue with it, this is just one of many other issues that this new absolute layout change has.

    I do think it is probably quite nice to have for many, but I think it should be able to be toggled on or off. Either on a client level or just on a server/channel level.

  • Ocelus

    Simply send your images in several messages, this will display them directly in large and one size as before, you will just have to send as many messages as images

  • Tom Spander

    @Ocelus "simply" turn one message into 5-6 separate messages? That's neither a good experience for the users nor is it in Discord's best interest to force bots to spam the API that way. It's a clunky workaround to a problem that doesn't have to exist.


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