Add an option to disable the new grid-style layout for multi-image messages


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  • Nathan

    I was very upset when I noticed this new update, I'm the type of member who ensures good aesthetics in what I work for. The important thing is to know that we are not the only dissatisfied ones, we have to come up with something, get more people to criticize, only then will they notice.

  • longshot133

    I agree, this update especially for tall images or images that need to be connected totally screws with it. A toggle would be very nice.

  • Grimoire131

    Updates are certainly good, but changing what people are used to and what is already working fine is a bad idea. Maybe this is somehow useful for the phone, but on the PC it looks impractical and inconvenient. Hope they make a switch between old and new style.

  • Mary Smith

    PLEASE. yeah this "feature" objectively sucks. this used to send in stacks, perfectly readable.

  • Charley Hester

    Yeah, agreed. The new format makes it pretty cumbersome to share images with other users, as to view the full thing you need to either click through all of the pictures or send each one individually, which adds more steps all around. A lot of the convenience is lost when it comes to pinning messages for quick reading and/or access as well. An off switch would be much appreciated.

  • Kaeroku

    Honestly considering looking for a new gaming chat replacer if this isn't reverted.

  • The Muppet Man

    At first it seemed kinda cool, but this is genuinely becoming a problem now. I’ve posted memes, and Discord hid part of them and ruined the joke

  • hi.

    Việc tạo một công tắc để chuyển đổi giữa hai tùy chọn là cần thiết.

  • Ichamo

    Definitely agreed. I do think this is objectively a bad idea, but at least give us some sort of toggle.

  • IceXuick

    Fully agreed - takes away everything useful when uploading multiple images, for example as a showcase, or for comparison. This should at the minimum be a toggle, I'd personally revert this and make the old system the default!

  • Sattva

    Yes this whole grid update has been giving me sensory issues on the iPad which is where 99% of my Discord use needs to be. I updated just a couple days ago and have tried to keep using Discord but am about to give up. 

  • ZetaRESP

    Okay... I have heard and seen this happen to others, but so far it hasn't happened to me, and I have the up-to-date versions of both the desktop and android apps. What kind of update are you all getting that does this?

  • Sattva

    ZetaRESP, I just updated the iOS app for iPad a couple days ago. I think on phones and desktop the images aren't doing this. But on iPad they are and it seems like a deliberate design decision. I do 99% of my discord time on iPad, by necessity, so I'm really hoping they'll revert the design choice.

  • Kaeroku

    No it's definitely doing this on desktop too

  • AnGenericAccount

    I hate this format. It makes it basically impossible to send messages containing screenshots.

  • Ninja pen05

    This is bad. Please let us disable it.


    My proof, an image of a collage of colleges that I made by accident while trying to show my friend how bad the college system is.

  • Shawn

    Yes, please go back to the old format.
    Made an account here just to vote up everyone complaining here.

  • 9lives

    The UX is terrible now, I started a art discord but now it's impossible to find posts and all past posts look like trash. I am moving to Facebook "Pages" and asking my community to do the same until this gets fixed.

  • Mary Smith

    I don’t know if adding another voice to this thread will help anything, but *checks watch* Yo support, this STILL isn’t fixed and it STILL looks like garbage!

  • shoomy12

    yeah a choice would make both sides happy

  • Doughber

    It's been 3 months since last post figured i would keep this going. Please revert back or allow option.

  • The Muppet Man

    For those still having issues from this change, there is a workaround. It’s still not great, but it will get you by. I’ve found that if you copy the media link for all the images and send them, the image is sent how it would originally be shown.

  • Riley

    It's absolutely ridiculous. If I send pictures, it's because I want to actually see them. Who made this change assuming that when people sent pictures they didn't want to be able to look at them at a glance? Ludicrous decision. 


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