Integrate functions to support the plural community on Discord


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  • tesseract & aether

    This would be so helpful.

  • Alice & co.

    there would also be a curb cut effect in that it would be helpful for anyone who does any sort of role-playing (e.g. D&D)

  • Castor

    As someone diagnosed with DID (though I acknowledge I am not the entire audience of this feature) this would be incredibly detrimental for me. There's often a lot of pressure on people with DID to "identify who's fronting" all the time, which can be difficult, emotionally taxing, vulnerable, scary, and sometimes impossible to do.

    I am glad that things like Pluralkit exist for people to be able to do this if they wish, but I personally do not feel comfortable in any server where there is something like pluralkit, because it puts a lot of undue pressure to "prove" I am switching, or to always identify who is fronting, which to me can be very private information.

    There are a lot of other ways for people to whom identifying who is fronting is important to show that, such as signing a name/emoji/letter at the end of their messages, changing their name/nickname, or just telling the person they're talking to that x part/alter/etc is fronting. I think that people should be given the choice whether they want to participate in an environment with that sort of tool or not. Having bots like pluralkit made me incredibly averse to experiencing my parts and inner experience with an open mind, and actively hindered my personal recovery and mental health. Seeing everyone else use them with ease, and thus making it appear as though they always know who's fronting and that only one person is fronting at a time, was very bad for me and made me feel like there was only one way to experience my experience, thus forcing me to push down my genuine experiences for the sake of using a bot like pluralkit.

  • Castor

    I just think this is such an incredibly niche feature that has so many easy workarounds, when there are things that will benefit a wider group of people that don't currently have workarounds, like implementing closed captioning on voice and video calls. I am glad that people who feel that using PK helps have the ability to, but I personally think that it has the potential to do a lot more harm than good, especially if people can just use a proxy to avoid getting in trouble, since it would be much harder to look for previous messages a user sent and other moderation actions if there's the ability for them to hide behind a new proxy every time.

    TLDR I think it's good that people can use PK and other proxy bots if they feel the desire/need to, but integrating it as an inherent discord feature has a lot more risks than rewards.

  • gremlinarvinr

    as someone with DID, this would be highly appreciated by me, specifically if subprofiles were easily clickable to see the Real Account's. moderation wise, this would make moderating plural spaces a LOT easier. i also wouldn't use it all the time (i'm not always comfortable showing who's fronting), but i have alters who do like to proxy a lot and it would be helpful for them.

  • geno

    This would be super useful for us! We've been using pluralkit for a few months now but it's just not as easy as we expected. Having to see someone else's little profile instead of yours, and see your message come from them before it's deleted and replaced with your bot account just always felt demoralizing, it reminded us of the restrictions placed on us. We obviously don't speak for every system, but this would be super useful for us at least!

  • waltz fantasia (seraph system)

    as a plural system, this would be ridiculously helpful! i absolutely adore pluralkit and its in-depth descriptions, pronouns, subsystem/group sorting, etc., though, and i (personally) wouldnt want to have a function like this built into discord without those features. having all of that info somewhere is important to me.

  • dalextherobit

    As a system, this would make discord that much more our favorite platform. It would be good from the standpoint that it would be one of the first mainstream social media outlets to have a feature for plural accessibility. For us, it would make being able to speak that much less of a laborious task and allow us an environment to exist in natively.

    Separate from plural uses, it could also aid other types of groups like D&D and role playing discords for differing characters and names. Some might argue against this, but this aspect alone would be very advanced in terms of Discord as a gaming platform.

  • BanditKitty

    As someone diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) I feel this would be detrimental to me. I appreciate that this is a helpful tool for some however I have had to leave servers before because the mere existence of pluralkit prompted people to try and get me to use it or pry into reasons as to why I wasn't. Choosing to share who is fronting or "in control" isn't always a possible task especially for larger systems when alters tend to blur into one another more often. Even when you do know revealing it to others can be scary, even triggering, and put you in a vulnerable position depending on what information is associated with that alter. At the end of the day I prefer having the safety of being able to join servers where this is not a guaranteed feature and I am less likely to be harassed because of it.

  • -system-

    I would basically want all the stuff of pluralkit but made easier and not have to see my discord name for those few seconds. It would also be cool to be able to edit after saying something and add roles and colours to the proxy.

  • soda op 😳

    thats the worst part imo, cant even make an alt because servers dont like new accounts

  • Sae

    I would really, really NOT want pluralkit to be an automatic function in discord.

    As someone with OSDD, I would feel extremely uncomfortable with having this function as an integrated function of discord. I appreciate that using pluralkit (or something similar) can help people, but this is absolutely not an experience/feeling that is shared by everyone with DID/OSDD or some other kind of multiplicity.

    I both don't want to and cannot share who is 'in control' at any given moment. I also think implementing this function would confuse people that have simply never heard of multiplicity.

    I think the mods that are currently available are perfectly fine in fulfilling their function and I would feel extremely uncomfortable on discord if this became a 'thing' on all of discord. 

    TL;DR - please don't do this and consider more than just the 'plural community' (which is not inclusive of all experiences of 'plurality') perspective.


  • alaneii

    I personally think that this would be a wonderful thing to do.

    I noticed that any disagreement on the page is mostly systems that don't feel comfortable using bots like PK. While this is totally valid, I do want to point out that just as you have the option not to use PK, you can not use this function. Plenty of systems do, plenty don't, but this would make it work better for systems that do use it.

    Also, while people not being understanding is difficult, that is not a good reason to prevent improving accessibility.

    This would also actually really improve moderation abilities when it comes to proxies, as the proxies could be more directly connected to the main account. Making this a discord feature, instead of something found in varied bots, would help systems and moderators.

    There's going to be issues with any new update, just as there will always be issues when things aren't updated.

    But I personally think that this would be quite significant for many members of the community, and would be a good thing for discord as well.

  • lowogan

    I don't have DID, but this would still be incredibly helpful for my homies with it.

  • tactical waffle

    i think this is a fantastic idea, if its under say settings>accessibility>multiplicity then it would also prompt singlets to look into multiplicity, maybe there could be a link to so singlets know why it exists. then say /[headmate/alter/part's name] [message] would send it under a subprofile and that subprofile could have its own roles as opposed to either the current webhooks we have to use


    edit: to the people saying it isnt accomodating to all forms of plurality, you can just ignore it

  • A

    As someone diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder), I feel like this would be a harmful feature to add to the whole of discord and I don't support it. Like others have said, proxying is not accommodating to all forms of multiplicity/plurality, especially those who have disabilities.

    Leave the features to the bots, please!

  • Aspen

    This is not a useful feature. Not even a necessary one.
    System do not NEED these features. We can live without these and still be fine. Especially considering there are bots for those who WANT to use these kinds of features. Theres self chat apps systems can use privately if they want to.

    There are other features that are much more important than these that other disabled peopled NEED.

    People who are for this need to sit down and contemplate that what you WANT is different than what you NEED.
    You dont need people to know who is fronting and talking all the time.

  • malah

    i do not enjoy the thought of this feature. this feature would inherently divide people because there are two ways discord could educate people about multiplicity, if it came down to it: either focusing solely on traumagenic multiplicity, or including "endogenic" multiplicity as well. systems and collectives do not need this feature. systems functioned perfectly well before the inventions of tupperbox and pluralkit, and they will continue to function after discord dies out eventually. this feature would be othering to traumagenic systems because, if "natural multiplicity" was included, then traumagenic systems would be uncomfortable. this feature is not needed. pluralkit is in many servers, and can be added to many more.


    i'm not a part of a system, but i am personally close to two systems.  they put so much work into pluralkit, proxying, etc, and it would be so wonderful if discord added this as a universal feature.  discord, please, please implement this!!  it would be helpful to countless systems, and it could also be used for things like roleplay, practical jokes, etc; everyone would get use out of it.

    to all the people disagreeing with the addition of this function, you guys don't have to use it!!  many people need it, so it should be accessible.

  • typt

    there's no point adding it as a built-in feature, the bots work just fine already and i don't see how it'd be better to make it built-in. if people dont want to add it to their servers they dont have to and tbh right now having pluralkit/tupperbox tells a lot about a server. vs using it in ones that dont have a stated opinion cause its in all of them, i think itd be more dangerous for systems to have it like that, making it possible to do that when you dont even know if the admins of the server are gonna be alright/chill with it or not.

    if it did get added in (which i really dont think it should be), there should be a way to turn it off for servers so it can't be used. but also like, don't bother at all. anyone who wants proxies can already use proxy bots.

    also, it doesn't change accessibility. it might be more convenient for some people or make it so they dont have to see their screen name but thats not accessibility. we can still use discord fine without it

  • Just a Loser

    Hey, a member of a system here, I really don't think this needs to be a full feature. The momentary strangeness of seeing the shared account (because, that's what discord accounts are for us, things we all have to share) really isn't that bad, or at the very least, is something people can adjust to, I promise. Change your pfp to something neutral for all of you as a system, it'll be better, I swear. But the info that comes from knowing whether a server has pk/tupperbox is really important, and coming out as a system in servers we don't know will be okay with it would be terrifying. Not to mention, we're a very small minority, RPers and plural folk can use pk/tupperbox, it's really not that much effort.

  • 💜💘💙Chaos

    We're mostly just interested in having something available in DMs alone. Maybe having a way to add bots to private DMs? That would help more people while avoiding a lot of problems.

  • daydreamers system

    That would be so helpful! Finally, someone acknowledges systems.

  • toonimal

    I'm a traumagenic system and I think this would be a useful addition on several levels! Plurality, roleplaying, explicitly speaking as a mod/admin, etc... I wouldn't feel uncomfortable at all with whoever chooses to use it and for whatever reason. Though, speaking as an admin of a server, I do think that we should be able to toggle it off for certain roles if desired as I could definitely see trolls misusing the feature if they're given total free rein with it.

  • GhostlyWhales

    fellow (diagnosed, not that it matters) OSDD plural here who would find a feature like this extremely useful! we feel an accessibility option for a very marginalized disorder would be beneficial to a majority of our community.

    for those saying they do not wish to use it, they would not have to. and for those saying this isn’t a necessary function, perhaps it isn’t for them, but it definitely is for quite a lot of us. personally, my headmates & I find ourselves very uncomfortable in spaces that don’t have PluralKit or something similar.

    some should consider it like this: not everyone who’s visually impaired uses screenreaders or alternate fonts, not everyone who is hearing impaired uses subtitles, some people who *aren’t* VI/HI do use them. just because some wouldn’t want to use a plurality feature does not mean it shouldn’t be implemented. thank you for your consideration!

  • TheCyberSystem

    I think this would be great, especially as OP says for group chats and DMs as bots cannot currently be used there. It would certainly be a great way for Discord to be the first major social media platform to show clear support for systems.

    To those who think this would reduce functionality for them on discord - if the feature is optional, just don't use it, like you don't use pluralkit or tupperbox right now. If this got implemented, it would obviously be optional because the majority of people are not systems. It would by design have to be an opt-in thing. If you think it would cause people to interrogate you on why you aren't using it, whatever happens regarding such situations now would be no different with discord adding this functionality by default. If it's because you aren't out, then that wouldn't change. If it's because people ask you why you aren't using the proxies and don't know who you are, that also would be no different. If you are concerned that setting up proxies would then 'out' you in servers or groups that you are not out to, it would be no different. If having proxies tied to your account is a private setting then nobody would be able to know. You could just use your overall discord account to talk in those places, or just not turn on the settings in the first place. If it's "opt-in" then you don't have to "opt in." I really don't see the negative here.

    Most of the complaints regarding moderation also seem to be centred around being able to tell the original account the proxied message was sent from. Pluralkit currently allows this with emoji reactions to a message, but if it was baked in there would be so much less confusion for my singlet friends who don't know how to use pluralkit's functions. That's really their only complaint they have when we ask if pluralkit can be added to their servers to allow us to speak as each other.

    I think this would show official support for plurality, I think it would add accessibility for those of us who want to use the features, it would make things less confusing for our singlet friends (again, IF we have told them), and it would allow proxy functionality in group chats and DMs which would be such a big plus. An alternative to this last point would be to allow bots to be used in group chats, but as a developer I can see how that could potentially cause some massive headaches for the engineers and UX designers.

  • TheCyberSystem

    I've got some great design ideas for this.

    1. Proxies being a privately or publically visible setting for your account.
    2. The proxy setting could be under accessibility (this would specifically recognise systems) or under its own settings tab.
    3. Allow to add details for each proxy, add or remove proxies etc from within the settings tab.
    4. On messages from a proxy, allowing other users separate options to either reply to/mention the proxy specifically, or the discord account attached to the proxy instead.
    5. I don't have a great solution for DMs and group chats individual to specific proxy accounts, so an easier solution would be to have DMs and group chats function as they do now (ie a DM is sent to the discord account rather than the proxy), but within that group chat or DM the user can choose which proxy account they would like at any given time, or no proxy if they so wish.
  • maeshmolowa

    I really love this idea! We're a DID system and we love using PK whenever possible. I think, to the people saying it would put pressure on them as a system to use it - why? There are plenty of singlets on discord. You wouldn't be forced to use it. You can continue using emoji sign offs or whatever you prefer to! I think it's a good thing to add this functionality to discord to support systems so we don't have to rely on bots that can go offline sometimes, or not be in some servers. 

  • box system

    This would be a great thing to add and would add a lot of functionality to discord for us
    also to all the people complaining that it wont work for them just dont use it then

  • marsy

    I am an OSDD1b system host of 16 alters and this would be a huge help for me/us! If people don't want to use it, they don't have to, like any feature, but it would be amazing for those who do want it. Plus, the media/movies/social media/etc tend to be against systems/plurals (consider how Facebook has a name change cooldown, only real sounding names allowed). It would be a great show of support for us to have a social network program do this, and it would be groundbreaking and hopefully people would learn more about plurality because of it


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