It Hurts to Use Discord & Have it Installed


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  • LexTheQueer

    HARD AGREE!! Thank you for articulating this.

  • arobbo28


  • Egen

    I would just add one thing to what you said geschrie pls PING discord hurts... it's not only on IPad, but also Android tablets, no-name OS tablets, PCs, Mac and all... so that hurts also for almost all platforms.

  • geschrie pls PING discord hurts

    True, Egen. I was talking about my personal experience with having to see it semi-constantly. I don’t dare to even look at my Mac or let it update Discord right now if it changes the icon, or I will pretty much be forced to uninstall the app because I would be seeing it constantly.

  • TroepLink


  • ickyneko ᗒ(ⓛᴥⓛ)ᗕ

    I wish I could upvote this 10 times.

  • robin

    exactly!! the old discord color scheme was PERFECT for me!! a lot of sites/apps use colors that are too in your face, so having an app that was very neutral with their color scheme was so refreshing!

    i struggle with photosensitivity problems that cause intense migraines. the smallest exposure to the new colors has been enough to give me headaches even with trying to take caution to avoid seeing it. it's really upsetting to see discord trying to so heavily force this update on us all while also claiming to be all for accessibility. 

  • LeopardBunny

    I've been trying so hard to say this anywhere I can, in any way I can. Discord's new color and text hurt to look at. The color is painful due to its oversaturation, and the gross new font is strenuous to read.

  • BubblesArtis

    I can’t agree anymore than I already do!

  • Jade

    I am right here with you.  I've said this before.  I have Autism, I have a sensory disorder.  This color is pain!  It's so much pain!  I had to uninstall my desktop and I've disabled the mobile update.  Just coming to this page, I have to lower the intensity and squint just to look at the buttons to click them.  This is horrible!

  • zachariapopcorn

    They are legit asking for us to use programs like BetterDiscord, or to use Inspect Element (either on the website or app) to inject and run CSS code to revert this update

  • Ad

    I honestly hate that Discord managed to ruin the app for so many people with two changes, and that they somehow didn't consider this at all when developing this update. 
    If they aren't stupid they will change it so that it no longer physically hurts people to use an app that is so essential to so many peoples lives at the moment. 


  • olo

    i use mobile discord often, and even with my brightness as low as possible the new color is glaring. i feel like the more i look at it the more it's damaging my eyes

  • captainmylae

    the new colour is simply too much. there's a reason that colours like this aren't usually used in logos. on my phone the combo of this new purple and the red notification badge is ugly and hurts my eyes - and I don't have a medical condition, I'm just sensitive to colours. I heavily suggest desaturating this colour and listening to community members who this is harming.

  • Grem2

    Upvoting 1000% I have visual snow and the new color scheme is just painful to look at and my eyes end up unfocused/I can’t read it well. I know they wanted to spruce up the UI but they ended up just making it hard to read and inaccessible to a lot of people. Maybe a slight desaturation would be helpful?

  • Elfy

    Same here! My autism makes my eyes sensitive to light and saturation, and while the old version was great on my eyes, the new one hurts to look at. The colors are too saturated and also clash with the grey color on dark more, making it even worse. I wish discord could either change it back or give us the option to choose between the new and old colors.

  • Jade

    I love how so many of their responses to these complaints have been to just blow it off, or brushed aside as people just “hating change“. They even have their own accessibility testers on Reddit saying that they hadn’t seen this come through for testing. It’s… just bad all around. And the best part, is that it’s inconsistent. It’s there in some places and not in others. It’s a shoddy, unprofessional rule out across-the-board.

  • kat 💫

    this is such a bad update, and I'm very disappointed in discord for doing this without running it through people who are colorblind, neurodivergent, etc., I don't know if I'm anything in particular but I do know that saturated colors don't do too well for me if they're done wrong, and discord does it wrong. The font on the logo is not very good for the eyes. I miss the muted colors, the old discord, the new discord is a huge disappointment for me and other people, which is why we all came to this thread today. please discord, listen to us.

  • smallredboy

    Yes, please change it back. This is like with the tumblr layout update, I had to use tumblr as infrequently as possible because it’s agonizing. The new colors is agonizing, there should be a choice to switch between this new layout and the old.

  • Madison

    I don't even care about the new logo, but the new color of Discord Purple is eye-straining to the extreme.

    Edit: I've been informed that the new fonts discord uses are dyslexia unfriendly. So actually, I do care about the new logo. This is a disaster all around.

  • Formbi

    Why won't you just add the old theme back (as old-dark or something)?

  • DEGEN | shygybeats

    having it as a toggleable option would be nice for accessiblity...

  • nekoboi

    second everything said thus far. the color and font physically pain me to read.

  • baby goat

    I agree big time! I had to log in on this computer and the blue hurt so badly that I had to completely turn away from the screen and type blindly.

  • skateboarder legolas

    agreed. my friend with migraines (triggered by the godawful color change) has been able to keep using it with a css edit but it a) looks terrible b) is only usable on browser so they had to delete the app to escape the icon color. i want to move to a different platform now, it's so frustrating.

  • GTaichou


  • mysterweb

    Part of the reason I migrated over to discord was how easy the layouts and colors were to both my semi-damaged right eye, and to my (at the time not diagnosed) ADHD brain. It's not a good sign then when I open up the new color shift and my right eye starts to pulse in discomfort, and it's only when I look at other applications on my PC that the pain stopped. Upping contrast isn't great for me, nor for others with migraines or other photo-sensitivity conditions. Please go back to the dyslexic friendly font, and adding a slider to dial down the color contrast would be great.

  • Tomo Aries

    As if the extra screentime from the pandemic wasn’t bad enough, now I have to look at this bullshit “blurple” all the time.

    You'd think Discord would pride themselves on being better than pieces of shit like Facebook and Twitter by actually giving the option to use different eras of interface design, but nope. Forced upgrades, just like shitty Mark Cuckerberg and Jack Dorsey 🙄

  • amias

    Agreed. I don't get migraines, but the new color is hard to look at. I'd be fine with it if they would just reduce the saturation a bit. They should also add theme options and let users choose the font (Open Dyslexic should be available in-app)

  • Brumbpo

    Discord's designers are ableist lol.


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