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  • Kashix.

    Greetings, Just Caz. 

    I personally do not like the new logo either, but it's not that simple to roll back it. There's people that work on "design department" and they got to the conclusion that this logo is better. If you go to the desktop application > account settings > "changes" or "updates" you will know why did they change the logo, we should try to understand the company, Discord popularity is increasing A LOT, they need a real good logo to be known.

    I think the logo itself "Wumpus", isn't that bad, the font tho, It's a bit awful, it looks like it was the typical font you would choose on a school project.

    If you look in the Reddit of Discord, a lot of people is complaining from the logo. Maybe Discord could try to get to a "half point", having  some parts of the new logo, and the last one.

    Sincerely, Kashix.

  • A Blob

    I agree on this so much, the new color that was chosen is literally painful to the eyes. I'm currently typing and focusing my eyes on this text box and the "Submit" button in this new color is burning my eyes more than the white background. I've heard that this physically hurts even more to look at for people with colorblindness or sensory processing disorders and it even causes worse migraines for people with chronic migraines, so way to go to make this new logo "friendlier".

    There are also really big design flaws like the font looking squished, the smaller case letters being as big as the capitalized letters, the misaligned holes and sizing (e.g. the i is bigger than the D in this new font), and plenty of people have already said this on Twitter.

    Don't know why people need to specifically even give feedback on here, but if that's what Discord wants, it's what Discord gets.


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