Saturation Issues


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  • skyelight

    I completely agree. The saturation slider feels like a lazy solution to a serious issue, and they didn't even bother to give us an option to fix the font (that is also making it hard to read...).
    Unless they fix this it's about time they allow official theming or change the ToS.

  • skyelight

    Oh yeah from a technical standpoint I bet it definitely took some time. But i'm not talking about "lazy" from a development perspective, just from the company itself.

    I'm sure they are really constrained by the marketing and branding department to make any actual changes. i mean come on, the colours even hurt and feel bad when looking at this very support forum.

    The proper way to implement these sliders would've been to allow us to change each element individually instead of changing _all_ of them with a single slider.

  • FlurryShy

    yeah... it would be pretty easy to just allow full customization.
    better discord has already shown how easy it is to do for tech savvy people (as in actually writing your own css code).
    it would be a minuscule task to dumb that down to *here, have 6 different textboxes with attached color-pickers. choose whatever colors you want*.

    at this point I would not be surprised if they'd introduce a "theming" feature for nitro down the line... just to push the thumb right down the wound...

  • Brumbpo

    I think users were very much misunderstood when they said 'the new blurple sucks'. People don't like the blurple, but have no general accessibility issue with the other colours like the status dots.

    To make the blurple somewhat tolerable, I have to make everything else pretty muddy and/or grey. That doesn't seem like a good accessibility solution at all. It only causes more issues if anything. I'm a bit disappointed with how they decided to tackle the eyestrain issue here.

  • FlurryShy

    on the one hand it does seem lazy on the other hand it was probably harder to implement than just having a few textboxes with a color picker to select the colors you actually want to have for each item.

    there are also two points the slider does not cover at all:
    the application icon and the default profile picture color.
    while the application icon is somewhat easy to fix on your own, at least on PC, the pfp cannot be changed on your end (without violating ToS).
    And I have seen multiple people in less tech-savvy communities who do not care to change their pfp... and it just hurts to look at.

  • . Snow .

    Just an update on this: I had a sensory overload from the text and colours from the new discord redesign after I had posted this and tried to use the desktop app. 

  • Chinny

    this is happening now to me!!!

    Anyone know to undo it?

  • FlurryShy

    only way to "undo" it is getting better discord on PC / MAC and Aliucord on Android. no way for iOS.


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