The new username system


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  • iotaSAGE

    I agree for the most part. It's crap and they need to change it.

    I don't agree that it's like gender pronouns. I would say it's definitely more of a "dead name" issue, which could be related to pronouns but just as many cases, dead naming can happen to cis genders, too. Like say I was born with the name William or something, but I only ever go by "Chuck." Everyone and their mothers calls me "Chuck." But then all of a sudden, the law is forcing me to go by William, and it doesn't feel right - because it's not who I am on a social level. That's basically dead naming, and it's not awesome regardless of one's gender.

    I'm lucky I was able to use my art name, but it still doesn't feel right. My artist name is my public presence, whereas my discord is meant to be private. I don't like the meshing of my private and public lives.

  • Sundae

    There ya go, you explained it far better. 


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