Bulk deletion of individual person messages


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  • anonymous007

    Deleting individual messages in bulk from private conversations can be a daunting task. Currently, private messages are not deleted when using bulk delete in the message box, which can be really annoying. It's understandable that this situation is frustrating, especially when one needs to effectively delete entire chat histories.

    To resolve this issue, I recommend reaching out to Discord support for assistance. They may be able to provide insight into any updates or alternative methods for managing message deletion in private chats. Explaining your specific situation and the challenges you face with deleting messages one by one, especially in calls, will help them understand the urgency and importance of your request.

    Hopefully, you can resolve this issue otherwise Discord support can come up with a fix or workaround to streamline the bulk deletion process in private conversations.

  • X

    Hope this comes to discord. 

  • Shufh

    Exactly, this option should have been there a long time ago


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