Accessibility in knowledge bases


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  • Ironic Empress

    Bonus points since I forgot it the first time around. I'd recommend avoiding common terms that may be inherently ableist or abiguous that also get overlooked in writing instructions:

    - ‘click’ on something, some people don't use a mouse and ‘click’ it. Select is a better suited instruction. 

    - ‘look’ or ‘see’ instructions/ diagram/ video. Again, not everyone sees, use directing language like ‘refer to' or ‘X diagram explains XYZ’, or ‘X section covers X topic’. 

    - ‘here’ (usually used to embedd a link in text)… Where's here?! You get the idea. Embedded links work best when they highlight existing text on what their purpose is or where they go eg: ‘visit our contact page (link here) to do X’. Standalone links should have surrounding context eg: ‘below is a list of X sites (list sites). Bonus points for alt text advising if the link is external, or to a document etc. 


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