Discord Support Team Undisabled My Main Account because they thought I got hacked again and Token Logged


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  • BatHunter🦇🎧

    Wow, that's awesome.

    I sure hope Discord are going to one day help me get my account back… Almost all of my Support Tickets have been closed, and I'm worried that the only two I have left do not have enough information/receipts to assist them specifically in doing what I want them to. 

    Anyway I'm glad for you my friend, but Discord seriously sucks and a 2 month wait (while better than no response ever) is still unacceptable for any serious company and they seriously need to come clean and admit they have a problem… if they care about their customers, about as much as their finances…

  • Xionkai

    BatHunter🦇🎧 Yup~ 

    And I hope discord really can recover your acc back there and I hope that ticket is still open and on reviewed for ya and hope that they can still help you 🤞🤞

    Yeahh I don't blame you for being frustrated with Discord Supports there tbh.. x.x

  • Aya

    Discord supports are truly so bad.

  • Xionkai

    @Aya Yeah no kidding about that one there x.x


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