Discord Support Just Causes More Discord


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  • Nahs3k

    I've been assigned to the same person 4 seperate times, they hit solved, but my account has still been suspended, I'm worried because I got false reported for being underage, despite showing my ID and everything to them

  • Sketchlordish (tired)

    Update, I got a response saying there’s nothing they can do, again. Still, it would at least have been nice to know why. If anyone sees this, is it worth making another ticket or if the matter just dead now?

  • Marissavhblove

    So far my 9th ticket is still open regarding being hacked/scammed. Mine was 3 weeks ago and on day 8 of waiting I had the same message that I "cant " be helped any further though my friend in the same boat has had his back within a week or so. Had the screenshots and email of this hacker submitted in my ticket…, i really hope you've not given up yet like i did. 


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