Add more options to recover hacked Discord accounts


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  • PixeI8edPlayer

    Had my account compromised then banned after they started spamming all my friends. My account standing my was good before they just instantly banned me. I've had my account since 2015 back when my Dad was still alive so I have a lot of memories on there too. I still have access to said account but they just disabled it without warning of even giving me a reason. I asked support why I account was banned and tried to appeal. They just gave me bot anwsers and/or copy and paste responses without even talking to me. And it's just they same responses. I really hope something overtakes discord so it shuts down. Their support is non existant or very terrible.

    Not to mention since they won't resinate my account it's set to be deleted on my birthday.

  • Bisganopc

    I have every info on my account and got hacked, I provided all my account info to prove im its owner and they cant help me, I have my account since 2016, use discord for work purposes and now my whole work is lost

    The terrible thing is that the hacker opened a request on my name with this exact words: ‘’my accont hacked plz back my accont in og mail'' and Discord Bot reverted my email to his and he regain control of my secondary account, I dont know what I should be feeling right now

  • Becca

    I just don't understand why we can't use our phone numbers to recover our accounts if we lost the email… Like wtf, make it make sense. 

    Why ask us to add our phone numbers to our accounts if we can't use them as a secondary recovery method?

    All Discord really has to do is add a check to previous account logins, and if it's somebody new (regional/ISP wise) they can't change any account information for a certain amount of time (24-48 hours or something)-- so that way when we're notified of getting hacked we can actually do something about it like change our information before the hackers can. 

    These hackers hijack the account within 10-15 seconds, wtf are we supposed to do in that timeframe? At least give us a chance so that way we can change our information, preventing it from getting hacked before it happens. 

    It's really not that difficult.

  • Lturianj24

    I recently have this same problem 2 days ago i got sent a file to test out this indie game the website was really good but when i launched the program my discord logged me out and restarted next thing i knew is that I couldnt log back in 


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