Can we please allow administrators and server owners to select a setting that blocks accounts under [X] days age from joining?


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  • Underscore

    This would be quite a good option.

    I wrote a suggestion with the same goal than yours, avoid trolls by seeing related accounts (sharing ip, mail, phone number, etc)
    Maybe you can check it if you agree with it ^^

  • Volleo

    It would be possible to write a bot to do this (I would, but I would inevitably get it on too many servers and then do something evil with it...). Discord account IDs (and all other IDs) have timestamps; seventeen-digit IDs correspond to things (user accounts, channels, roles...) created before 3 October 2015 at 22:44:17.911 UTC, and nineteen-digit IDs will start on 22 July 2022 at 11:22:59.101 UTC. Twenty-digit IDs won't happen until over 125 years from now, so nobody probably cares. Maybe do that while this gets support.

  • 6492

    There are bots for that, one of my favorites is @mewdeko bot on, it has a feature called ".antialt" which is very customizable and will mute/kick accounts under a certain age - depending on how you customize it. 


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