Dyslexic and Visually Impaired Accessibility


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  • volturee

    Discord font is hardcoded in the app or something? And what for? I can change the entire system font with root and every app would follow suit but discord font just won't budge. What a pain!

  • JustHere4Coffee

    There's inconsistency in the Dark and Light themes as well. The room list is always shown in Dark mode, which is bad if you need Light Mode for contrast, especially as everything in that panel is presented in vaguely differing shades of grey. There's no reason this one UI element cannot follow the same rules as the others. There's a lot of places where greys are used when good old black or white would offer much more usability!

  • kit

    customisability should definitely be a thing, for sure. plenty of people need a contrast more like black on white, and yet there's also people like me who find light grey on dark grey much easier on their eyes (i'm very photosensitive probably bc of autism) so there's no one default that'll work for everybody. so of course there should be options!

    i really miss the days when everything everybody used worked with pidgin/adium because you could customise damn near everything on those programs. status icons, fonts, colours, how the emoji looked, everything!

  • Novey

    Yes please! It is very helpful for desktop, I'd love to see it implemented on mobile!

  • Major Mayhem

    I second this motion.

  • Tuggi

    I third this motion.

  • Colin Bradbury

    Opendyslexic font is awesome. Makes reading so much easier I would love to see it in the desktop app and mobile app

  • AnthonyIsMe

    I would like this motion turned into a motion picture for added effect. 

  • Formal

    I'm going to chime in that HSL color correction to guarantee a minimum contrast for user roles/names should be part of this.  I will also reinforce what others have said in how silly it is that grey on white is the highest contrast discord offers.

  • Formal

    I must applaud you for ignoring visually impaired functionality for over a year! Feature-driven development only gets you so far; I still use teamspeak for voice chat because you never fixed that, either.


    New features look good for your venture capital, but user retention looks even better.

  • liam

    I would really love to see this fixed! It’s pretty jarring to see some letters be in the correct font and some not. It’s a pretty common complaint on the Esperanto discord servers.

  • NyxPrime

    Yes we need this feature,I like Consolas fonts,pleas let the users change default UI font.

  • Dann™
    Opendyslexic font is cool.
  • Captain Marvel ☠🇺🇸

    The color selection options especially in dark mode make it very hard to read some of the text. For example, blue usernames on that brownish yellow background is nearly unreadable. Is it that hard to code a user-selected option for some colors? Since usernames seem hard coded for the user’s role, the only option is to change the highlight color. Surely that’s not so hard. Then people can play around to see what color gives the best overall readability. 

  • Formal

    WCAG Standards are for nerds, amirite?!?!?!??

  • Sam🌺

    I want to be able to use the font OpenDyslexic with discord and it doesnt do it and it's Not Fun

  • sydtherebelsquid

    Three years and thousands of votes, and Discord has yet to address even part of this. It's really disappointing that those who need accessibility features have been abandoned, despite Discord's claims of valuing accessibility features.

    I really do like all of these suggestions, and I hope (wish, desperately) that either Discord actually addresses these as soon as physically possible, or that a new competitor with more regard for their user base comes up with a better product.

  • ZaCloud

    11,232 = 0 apparently, judging by how much response or action has come from that many votes. :(

    Y'all FINALLY took the plunge of making a HUGE change to Discord's visual assets and formatting... AND YET, YOU DID NOT SEE THAT AS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO ADD ACCESSIBILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES?!

    Y'all GOT to be kidding!

    But it's not April 1st anymore, is it?

    You guys showed that "brand presence" is more important than the MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH of your users. That having a "signature look" that stands out from other brands, is more important than having actual users being able to use the service in the first place?

    The Coronavirus caused more people to depend on Discord, and instead of going "Oh wow, more people are coming! We'd better get our butts in gear so everyone feels welcome! Selectable fonts for people with dyslexia, various filters to mute colors for users with sensitivity issues, making sure there's no shaking of large-file-size warnings when "reduced motion" is selected for epileptics, etc! Don't worry guys, we've got you. We'll give you a safe place to not be alone at a terrible time when you need human contact the most! We're sorry this took so long, so let's make things right."

    ...No, instead, you went "OMG more people are using and noticing us now! Quick, shed the gamer identity and become The Hottest New Group Chat Platform™, quick! Let's get SUPER POPULAR while we still can!!!!! Thank you Coronavirus!!!!!!111one"

    Yet meanwhile, there are still thousands of people who have gotten tired of waiting on y'all to make the app to the point they can safely/comfortably even stand to have it open, and have most likely moved on by now. And the loyal who have put up with the existing problems before, are now being PUNISHED by the changes that not only continue to IGNORE those problems, but in many cases are MAKING THEM WORSE! Which is chasing even more of them away, often from communities that have become VITAL to them!

    And your silence at their begging, their petitioning, and their departure is deafening.

    At least 11,232 people you're turning your back on, and the tens, hundreds of thousands more who these people have voted on behalf of. Folks who grew to NEED Discord, yet are being snubbed.

    Instead, it's just all about Discord being "distinctive enough" from other social platforms to take advantage of, and keep, this new popularity.

    And that only makes y'all exactly the same as the rest of them.

  • FlurryShy

    the funny thing is that their "signature look" is less distinct than the old one. at least in my opinion. then again making people's eyes bleed and causing headaches is definitely a unique feature of the new brand.

    at this point I am not even sure anyone is monitoring this forum or even knows it exist anymore.
    there has been no communication, just silence.

    oh and I have post in one thread that is apparently so offensive that it's been stuck in pending approval for almost 4 days now makes me think that even more. wonder if this one goes through.

  • radio

    There's the same issue with a really big portion of IPA characters. Makes talking about pronounciations really ugly since half the letters are thinner than the rest.

  • shame

    I'd like this feature to be a thing too. I'd like to change mine to BrianneTod.

    Upvote, my dude.

  • TheNSAagent

    I'm not dyslexic, and I still have trouble when the capital i (I) and lowercase L (l) are placed right next to each other. Just a toggle switch between Sans/Serif would fix this problem, but being able to chose your own would be nice.

  • Wed Pamda
    I agree that this should be added, it would help out the impaired alot. Great suggestion!
  • R10N

    its been 3 years,,

  • Formal

    The good news is that discord's been looking for accessibility engineers, the bad news is the job listings have them focused on keybinds and shortcuts and the listings are up for months at a time. Hopefully it doesn't take another 3 years, or something might actually overtake discord. All that's really missing from the alternatives is quality K18 resistance and a marketing push or two.

  • 🌠🌕TigerLily🌽🦃

    Adding a dyslexic friendly font & a serif font is a must.

    • Some folks have astigmatism, some have various degrees of dyslexia, some just plain have have "elder eyes". 
    • It'll save users from eye strain & conversations from confusion between capital letter "I" as in igloo & lowercase"l" as in lima. 
    • It's also darned useful on smaller screens such as tablets & cell phones.

    Thank you in advance & I'm looking forward to this update when it's rolled out.

  • Zensequitur

    I personally prefer fixed width unambiguous fonts.  I would much rather have a font that is less prone to m vs rn pairs, and not to mention i, I and l.  (there are 6 different letters typed in my example for reference).  The font should should be user-side only to avoid inflicting on others a less palatable preference. 

    Please allow under settings, the ability to select a device installed font, no matter if it is Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, Mac or some future platform.

    Thank you.

  • Miraculously Fantastic

    Actually, this is a good idea!

  • Paulo

    Discord default font seems to be arial as it is the same for any chromium-based app, which is complete garbage for CJK. what we need its a way to change that to any installed font on the computer, so we can use another font like noto sans for example. It doesn't happen in mobile since the default font is not arial, since no soul dares to have any ui/ux with arial on it since its not the 1900's.  

  • Saugy

    I've been searching for this in the feed back and this is extreamly neededand I wish discord would help and plan on implamenting this


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