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  • 温臣


  • Vibeman

    I'm surprised that this isn't a feature yet. This totally needs to be a thing.

  • Unfortunate (Ey/em)

    This is a 2 year old thread, and people are still commenting support... Perhaps we should, you know, listen to the community?~

  • Railtracks

    I'm gonna bump this. It really doesn't make sense how so many people are imploring Discord to add this feature, or at the very least provide updates on it, yet after more than two years, we're still pleading for it. Like so many others on this thread, I'm in so many themed servers, and I want to show my support for the content that those communities have in common with me, yet I don't want to be forced to change my profile picture every time I decide to enjoy myself on a unique server. It's a burden to me, to my friends who find it annoying, and to those who have a problem identifying me every time I do it. 

    I don't know if there are limitations or not to the technology, but I'd gladly pay for Nitro if it meant I'd get to use that feature. I much prefer that to custom emojis and animated profile pictures, but that's just me.

  • Lavina

    Dear Discord, I know you know about this thread because you closed another thread because it was similar, we all here have wanted this feature since forever, it would be extremely beneficial to EVERYONE, I am also one who likes to RP (and similar things) and could really do with it, it would also allow a strict pfp system which would be extremely satisfying

  • Red

    Might as well add a +1 to this even though they seem to be ignoring it.  Really wish I could change my avatar from server to server.

  • Vesther

    I need this too. Not only RP discords but game based discords. Imagine having your character screenshot for each game you're part of a guild for. This would be amazing. I'm surprised Discord hasnt looked into this yet.

  • reliken

    cannot fathom how this has not yet been implemented (or meaningfully responded to by the devs)

  • Mike L

    Another +1 on this. Though I can't imagine they need another one on this... Please? Thank you!

  • Ateş312

    +1 Pleaaasseeee Mr. and Mrs. Discord pleaseee

  • thatgirlwasfire

    To the discord employees ignoring this comment, I would be willing to buy discord Nitro just for this feature.

  • bee ♡

    Literally logged in to upvote and follow this. It’s been two years 🥺 please, Discord!!

  • saus

    neeeed it

  • Hyde

    Still needed years later. Maybe instead of changing our Avatar, add in per-server badges and allow us to decide which one is displayed in the server listing? Could always allow servers to refuse to use them if that's something a concern.

    It's not just about vanity. Some complicated org structures have more than simple ranks. Having the ability to do a badge/avatar per server would let my complicated server quickly let people pick the right member by badge when needing to buzz a specific department. But no way do I want that very specific image also used on other public servers just because of confusion.

  • Giuseppu

    With this feature as a channel admin I could change my members avatars like the nicknames. For example: I want to change my bots avatars and nicknames to make reference to videogames

  • Zuthuha

    I presumed this must be a feature that I was somehow not managing to find. Really surprised to discover that it's not, and that they haven't responded to this.

  • Shen

    Something that seems so simple - and hell, maybe it isn't - but seems important considering how vastly different Discord communities can be from each other. This is a no-brainer feature.

  • HexManiac

    C'mon guys I don't want all my normal friends to know I'm a furry.

  • Zorro

    Discord add this please, or i will leave discord.

  • Bisu-Fan (RIP KB)

    please implement this <3

  • Lwgph

    Especially now due to COVID, more and more offline communities are transitioning to discord, this feature would be nice. That way, I could set an actual picture of me as my avatar in servers with people I know IRL, while keeping more abstract images in other servers. 

  • ScaryFarren

    Please implement this!!!

  • Madam Magicka

    I'm extremely shocked and surprised this still isn't a feature. This thread is getting attention literally every day. Discord gods, please!

  • todd-in-space

    It'd be great to have this feature. I use servers for work and for gaming. In my work servers it'd like to use an avatar with my face, but in my gaming servers it feels more natural to use a different avatar.

  • solarice

    bump. either avatar pr server, or easy multiple account switching, similar to twitter, or both. why this does not get more attention is beyond me, such a basic and obvious, yet crucial feature, unlike lot of the other bloat. function>greed pls

  • zaemz

    Yeah, people are starting to use Discord for a lot of different things, work, etc., so it'd be nice to have some way to separate things, other than by making multiple accounts.

  • Quas

    Please, I need this

  • pobunjenik

    There is a bunch of guys/girls who want this feature gathering at https://discord.gg/cx6FdF9. hop in for memz

  • Nichevo

    Please add this feature! We really need this!

  • kiloforce



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