Video Calling Quality Settings


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  • Charitame

    I agree, or even a way to be able to not download the video, as an exemple, I play with 2 mates which video call a game, so I still go with them, but my bandwidth can't handle video calls, so just an option to stop videos from a receiver point of view

  • Jonas.vace

    That would be awesome. For people with bad internet, screen sharing is too much bandwidth and for people with good internet,the quality is sometimes unstable at the moment.

  • S_P

    Just to let people know,  since posting this i have found an adequate work around for this problem.  I can stream video at SD (480) rather than HD (720).  Its not an ideal solution but it works brilliantly.

    Basically i use a 3rd party camera application and share that using the share screen application window.

    NOTE: Not all camera apps will work as some of them only update the picture if it's the active window on the desktop or encounter a problem (freezing up, colour changes etc.) when sharing via Discord.

    I use Zoom and so far have found it to do the job perfectly.  so here's my work around.


    Step 1.

    go to sign up and download their program for free.

    Step 2.

    Launch it and click 'New Meeting'.  A new window will pop up asking if you would like to use your computer audio or use computer audio then click the microphone in the bottom left corner to mute your mic in zoom

    step 3.

    Launch Discord and join a server or call someone and turn on screen share. when the share window pops up click 'Application Window' at the top and adjust the stream quality to 480. 

    Toggle the sound to off  (I'm not sure if this matters but it will stop any audio conflicts)

    Step 4

    Click 'Share' and your done.


    Your friends will be able to hear you through discord audio and now see you thanks to the screen share of zoom.

    My upload rate hovers between  0.4 Mb and 0.6Mb

    Hope this helps 



    NOTE - Don't worry about the zoom small print regarding meeting duration being only 40 minutes for the free version because we're not actually calling anyone.  In essence we've created a lobby, ready to receive calls so we can see ourselves but were not going to start an actual call.   I've tested this for several hours and it works perfectly.

  • Brutalizer

    I would also like to see a similar setting for voice chat/chatrooms. I wife relies on the majority of our bandwidth to do video calls for work, and I would like to set a limit for how much bandwidth the discord client (or chatrooms individually) has access to.

  • ❖𝓜𝓮𝓭𝓾𝓼𝓪❖

    Yeah it would be nice if the video call could have 240p or 360p option
    The vid call took like 1gb in 10-15 mins for me, that is very expensive, way more than "Hangout" app


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