Extended Audit Logs (Log Channel Moving, Who added what Bot, Who moved who, ect)


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  • frostyworks

    this is so necessary

  • Mruwczalia

    Please, add it

  • The Magical Ass-Pudding

    Agreed. I'm having a problem in my discord server of someone deliberately messing with me and no one knows who's doing it. We can't do anything about it because every role given with manage channel rights are given to people who need the role. So purging isn't possible. Please implement this.

  • CanRanBan

    Addition of who moved others between voice channels in the audit log would be really great. It's superior to completely disallow others to move someone because the audit log is missing this essential information. There are games where the overlay is blocked (blacklisted either through discord or the game developers) and moving others is necessary.

  • charitwo
  • kuzeeey■1377 yeni hesap

    Good idea.
    i like this.

  • almostsuspense
    Yeah it could be useful to know who invited which bot
  • Acco
    Yeah this would be useful. Audit log needs a few new features added
  • charitwo
    Adding a list of members pruned in the audit log could be quite disastrous though depending on the size of the server
  • Jorvanus

    Agreed.  They could pop it open in a different window with a scroll bar.  

  • Karn

    Not even that. I find Audit Logs still very hard to track information and maybe they could enhance the whole system.

  • Kitsune Luke

    Everyone disliking this post are probably the ones that do it.

  • shadow-xsm

    Please @Discord add this as a feature! <3 

  • Кошак


    12 нояб., 13:25 PST

    Опишу проблему и на русском языке!
    Когда кто-то из Администраторов, выгоняет одного из участников из голосового чата, в журнале аудита нет пометки об этом действии.
    Я прошу Вас проголосоаать, за добавление информации в Журнал аудита, так сказать, отчёт о том, что администратор отключает от голосового  чата пользователя.

  • JetHasky

    эта функция не была бы лишней :)

  • |♔ПуШиСтЫй_ТоБи♔|

    Это очень хорошая идея!

  • Sai Chinna
    Yeah Bring this action even i and many of wanted this.
  • charitwo
    This needs to happen.

    This is a very necessary feature.

  • Кошак

    Im need add-on info for function DISCONNECT to Audit Log

    Good afternoon.
    We are having problems.
    We cannot find a person (administrator) who disconnects other people from the voice channels!

    I ask you to add the "action DISCONNECT" to the Audit Log!
    It is very necessary! Help us!

  • UniFLY

    Judging from the previous and newest update, the developer only cares for visual decorative stuffs. This issue has been here for over a year. I had been thinking positively like "There are tons of issues to address by the developer" or "This kind of coding might take a lot of time to finish" . But, well, i'm a programmer myself, and in my opinion, it is not that hard to insert this kind of feature, so my conclusion is they are not addressing this issue because they don't deem it necessary to fix.

    In a parable, It's a very common practice anywhere in the world that most people only care about "decorating the house, putting fancy curtains to the windows, coloring the roof, and that kind of stuff", but keep ignorant on a crystal clear unstable house foundation.

  • NuovaPrime

    Yeah we definitely need this, my server is being terrorized by people moving the channels around, but we can't tell who it is.

  • Nep

    Same! Someone keeps moving channels around and we don't know who it is. No one will own up to it, either.
    Please, we need this!

  • Silent Towers

    This would be so helpful.

  • Jason Khanlar

    It appears this is finally implemented!

    December 19, 2019 update: Audit Log got some love. We added a ton of new Audit Log events to make moderation easier:

    - MEMBER_MOVE, for when users are moved into move channels

    - MEMBER_DISCONNECT for when users are kicked from a voice channel




    - BOT_ADD

    - INTEGRATION_CREATE, INTEGRATION_UPDATE, and INTEGRATION_DELETE for server integrations like Twitch

    - NOT_AGAIN_RYAN for when Ryan falls asleep on voice for the 10th time and you have to move him to another channel



    Also see https://github.com/discordapp/discord-api-docs/blob/master/docs/resources/Audit_Log.md

  • Leo

    Yes, they did add it to Discord but it could have been more detailed. At the moment, it just says 'Person#### has moved 1 user to channel Game'. It should say what user was moved.

  • Otis_McWonderful

    We're still missing channel movement logging. We've had channels getting moved out of order fairly frequently, and I'd love to be able to tell who did it. 

  • DoctorNoble

    I could *really* use a join/leave channel log so that I could keep track of attendance in my classes that I'm live-streaming on Discord.

    Due to the pandemic, I've been using Discord to teach a sophomore-level Electrical and Computer Engineering class with 55 students and a senior-level elective ECE class on Programmable Logic Controllers with 19 students. It is literally the best live-streaming platform available for both lecturing on a whiteboard (Xjournal++ is open-source and it rocks!) and demonstrating engineering software and tools. It's also the only one that I know of that supports private/unlisted invite-only servers and is actually useful. The students that join late and are beyond the expanded 50 person limit have to watch on Zoom. There is an educational market out there that is not served well by the tools that are available and that market is not going away after the pandemic is over and in-person classes resume. Discord really should worked with professors and educators out there who know this platform and use it to teach. It's great already but with a few tweaks, they'd be way ahead of the competition.

  • Rukthor Brightax

    I have administrative roles on a server where channels don't stop moving. It has been going on for a long time, and we would like to know who or what is causing that, but we do not have a way of knowing for sure why it is happening.

    I think that if channel movements appear in the audit log this could be solved easily and quickly so please discord, add that feature.

    A lot of users will be happy if you do this.

  • ¿.

    It will be great if we can have more information in the audit log ^^


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