Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles



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  • J_tech0

    I cannot see why this wouldn't solve the issue for everyone:

    We already have:
    "Allow anyone to @mention this role"

    Then to complete the set discord could add:
    "Allow anyone with the 'Mention Everyone" permission to @mention this role" or
    "Allow anyone with the 'Administrator' permission to @mention this role"

    This would fix the issue for most people's use cases (for trusted mods and above to ping roles without everyone else being able to spam-ping) and surely wouldn't be hard to implement?

    This wouldn't interfere with colour roles as long as the color role didn't grant the 'Mention Everyone' or 'Administrator' permission

    It doesn't need to be a full-blown 'This role can be pinged by these specific roles' permissions system.

  • zleet

    I dont think discord can hear us over the sound of the $$$ their raking in

  • lakzer


  • TundraDragon

    This would e super useful! I run a smaller server, and we got options for people to be pinged for two events we sometimes host. I want to be able to, as admin, ping the roles associated with those events to let interested members that they are live. But I don't want the entire server to be able to ping them 'cus that could result in abuse. 

  • cerilious

    I'm disappointed that so many other posts are getting closed/answered as duplicates of this. The posts I've seen answered/closed describe a much more flexible and thought out feature than this OP.

    It would be very useful to have a white list for ping targets on a per role basis. That would mean a server setting that would disallow pinging of users and roles on a server by default. Users couldn't ping a role unless they were in a role that allowed them to do so.

    As a plus it would be really nice to prevent direct pinging of a specific user except from certain roles as well. Some servers revolve around one person or small group and being able to @user#555 causes too much spamming and attention grabbing if everyone can do it.

  • Woeful Macabre

    Not sure if this is in the sea of comments on this request, but I think it would make more sense, or maybe in addition to "Mentionable by Administrators", to allow a role to be mentioned by users with roles above it but not everyone.

  • ᓚᘏᗢ

    Wholeheartedly agree! I've been thinking about wanting a feature like this after messing with the role settings in my server and realized that wasn't an option which seems kind of ridiculous tbh. This feature seems so obvious to have and yet.

  • elwono

    PLEASE add this feature

  • flushed

    That is a good idea, some users always mass ping a role which kinds of gets in the way of spamming the "@moderator @moderator @moderator @moderator @moderator @moderator" part but it would be amazing if a staff member or owner would be able to do this

  • Snicket

    Please make this a thing!
    I have a role almost anyone in the server has, it gets pinged in a bot command and should only be able to get pinged there.
    Pretty much not being able to make it unmentionable bypass the `mention everyone` permission.

    Just make it so everyone with Manage Roles permission can ping any role maybe?
    I don‘t really need to specify it more for my needs.

  • Louxus

    Very good idea, I have this problem on my server.

  • Hotair10

    I've been wanting this for ages. Please make it so!

  • thetechguy
    good idea.
  • Diana™

    This has already been suggested here:

  • Rii

    I'm commenting here in hopes this will help the feature become implemented. I'm tired of having random people be able to ping a custom Notification role when the Notifiers should be the only one allowed to ping it (without having manage role permissions).

  • flushed

    ^ that is amazing :-)

  • Panicakr

    You're talking about specific permissions to mention roles, right? Like how currently a new user can ping the same roles as an admin can, and you're saying this should be removed. In which case I agree, it is a problem I regularly see people complaining about.

  • Zypher

    Yeah we don't want the ppl to be able to mention the same roles as an admin or well in this case the bot

  • Kitsune Luke

    That would be useful

  • akac

    Nice idea

  • disies

    We are having a spammer join our server daily and mass mention the few roles that are still pingable because we work with them. Not only that but he also mass mentions people and functions as a self bot and spams our channels. We can only protect our users with bots but those malfunction, sadly. So please, Discord, give us more options to protect our users from useless spam.

  • Christiaan

    I run a discord server with over 3500 people and we are getting mass pinged lately by spammers. A simple ‘enable/disable role mentions’ by certain roles would solve this. We would give newjoiners (after verification) a role that still can’t ping other roles, and only after we know for sure it’s not a spammer pretending to be a normal human, we can prevent 3000+ people getting pinged for no reason

  • Agreed Lets Make this happen And end the non sense

  • westcrust

    We need it! Guys, please

  • TestZ

    I create a new request for simpler mention roles settings, that would make it able to manage fine-grain role mention customization with simple implementation.

  • Bladeclaw

    It’s been 3/4 of a year and I still don’t understand why this isn’t available yet. This is roughly the amount of time it took for the server folders. Perhaps Discord doesn’t have enough time to implement the many users needs?

  • K. Storm

    The point is allow admins to ping roles that have the mention option turned off*

  • Alluysl

    It has already been suggested (99.9% sure) but I'm still upvoting it because relying on bots to make a role pingable, ping it and remove its ping availability is annoying

  • Night

    Discord, please, do this, we need this.

  • DamonOnYT

    Vouch on this. It would be really helpful.


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