Simplified and Advanced Role/Hierarchy


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  • Werelock

    I've been researching bots to accomplish something very similar - mods for a given hidden channel can invite easily, but then I want those invited to be member roles specific to that channel or category.  And with multiple hidden categories and channels with their paired mod & member roles, it's a headache to manage.  

    To add on to your idea - make a new permission "can assign/unassign roles" and include a dialog to pick which role(s) that higher role can add/remove to members.  Assignment really should be separate from creating/modifying/deleting roles.  My global mods can manually assign regular mod roles for various channels, but if any channel decides to invite 100 people, we need an easy way to get them assigned.  (Though auto-assignment from invite link is my preferred fix going forward, but we're still really small)

  • Nemesis

    I completely agree with Nelly and Werelock.

    I run a tabletop RPG server that has several Dungeon Masters (DMs) and their campaigns. The idea of the server is to give a space for DMs to find players and run their sessions. I have almost 50 DMs that are constantly changing players, creating new campaigns, etc. The only problem is that our staff has to assign the campaign role to the players one by one, manually, every single time there is a change. So why wouldn't I just let the DMs assign roles? Because they should only be able to assign their campaign roles to users, and only theirs. With the advanced hierarchy proposed above (or by just letting me choose which roles one can assign), that would be possible.

    The same goes for mentioning. I want to let DMs be able to mention only their campaign roles. I want to be able to choose who is able to to mention whom. Nelly also proposed similar ideas like this here and here.

  • Bitzy_

    I think a more advanced permission system (THAT WAS OPTIONAL TO USE - Ex. you could use the current or a simple version or the advanced one) would be amazing! It's just what discord needs to make server administration even better.

    I'd love to see this :)

  • Ergwano

    @Werelock If you find a Bot that can archive this let me know. All bot I found require that the user that executes the "addrole" command needs to have the "Manage Roles" permission as well. Even tho the bot has a own permission structure where I can tell which roles can execute what commands...

    And to also add to the suggestion: A "can assign/unassign roles" permission would already help a lot in some cases, as mentioned above. But in the long run a full permission system would be very nice!

  • Tuevon

    On the current vs requested role hierarchies.

    The argument is that people who can manage roles are able to only manage roles under them. For example, someone who manages team 1 should not be able to manage members of team 2, which would normally be underneath them in the current structure.

  • _Dubrovski_

    Maybe we can add a new integer parameter to the role such as importance.
    - Roles cannot target roles with same importance or above
    - You can specify custom access for targeting (for ex. This role will be able to only target roles with importance lvl = 6 or 9 or 10

    And also we should think about adding another parameter to roles settings

  • DiscordTest2

    For kicks/Bans, yes, but other permissions, such as deleting messages, it would be useful to restrict roles so they ould delete messages from lowes users, but no from hose above.  Maybe its just ME that would find that useful!?!?!

  • criptixo

    please discord we need this.

  • Skwaleks
    This should be an nice option to avoid abuse of permission. Like you said, it could be handy to make staff members not banning each other etc.
  • Starfield_9
    Do note that if that admin role has admin perms, it will probably still bypass.
  • Snoopish

    I think this is a good idea, for those servers that have a lot of custom roles for custom colors.


    Answer to the guy above: Alphabetically?

  • erifnoeci

    or it could be put in like a category, "Unique Roles" or something like that, but alphabetically seems like a decent thing too


  • TiddyCrimeStatistics

    I love it, nice recommendation, we need more people like you in life!!!

  • Sushi man

    Hmm yes i like

  • MajorMoFo

    great idea :)

  • ValheruWolf

    Long winded, but yes, need this.  Current server was made for a single game (roles work fine as is)  but some of our members have started splitting into a few other games with new channels created for them,  Want to expand the server to make an option where we have separate mods for the separate games but stop them from being able to fight each other (probably not an issue now, but might be in the future)


    Hope to see this happen.

  • Zacatero
    I don't quite understand the suggestion because you can already do this by having all the roles have the same perms and not have them hoisted meaning it would have everybody listed under "Online" and by alphabetical order not by role order.
  • Rainy

    I meant having custom role with custom names and colours 

    Everyone can kick and ban everyone equally not depending on the role @zacatero

  • cloubt

    this is already possible by making one role with all desired permissions and keeping it the default color (and not showing seperately from online members). then give your friends that role and let them make their own roles with colors that show seperately from online members.

  • Zacatero
    That doesn't allow people to kick though ^^^ I tested in a few minutes ago with everybody having a common role at the top, and then having individual roles beneath it. Nobody could kick anybody.
  • KimKong

    try the same thing but keep the admin role at the bottom


  • zSnails

    yeah that would be helpful, but only of there is a category permissions option, so you can change the permissions to every role under the category just like channel categories work

  • Sosig
    I see what you mean. You can still do this now in the channel perms tab, but I would see this as a simplified method.
  • ValheruWolf

    Only thing I could see, and would honestly makes the most sense.  Is we need a new level of control for ranks.  The new one being Role Assigner.  So they are unable to even edit roles that are below them, and can just assign them to other users.  Could had a subfuction of that to limit what roles this one can assign (default being any role below their own)  

    Bots are a good way to get around this, and could probably program a bot to assign roles to people and only obey specific moderators and limit it that way, but that is a lot of work when all that is needed is a way for specific people to assign roles and not doing anything else besides that,  We could have multiple people to assign roles, and then only a few (the admins) of a server able to create new ones or channels.  


    The nicest thing about this extra level is with that submenu on specific roles able to be assigned, don't need a huge hierarchy or anything complex.  Can freely give quite a few people permission to assign roles so if a new member joins a previous one can enable them to see specific channels and at the same time prevent possible abuse of someone making a ton of random roles that serve no purpose.

  • davfsa

    I think this will a great addition to discord and will help a lot of owners manage there servers easily 

  • mesub
    What additional permissions?
  • username
    What additional permissions would you like to see implemented?
  • Spud
    this doesn't make any sense. isn't this already how permissions work?
  • Tuevon

    Yes, yes, yes, 2411 times yes. I run a server with nearly 500 people in it and for a large-ish multi-faceted community, a linear hierarchy does not make sense in any way.

  • Acacio

    You Can Already do this!

    just look up on youtube, discord role menu | you can see how people add color roles to change their name color im pretty sure this is what your talking about right?

    a nice bot for this is | COLOR-CHAN


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