Custom Themes


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  • Jester Productions

    While ur at it why not add it for ios and android

  • YLO

    I don't get it

  • Alice (yes i'm taken)

    Hey Nelly I enjoy the custom theme idea just I would change it to where I can edit it myself rather than using a servers one.

  • a̶k̶1̶r̶a̶

    Please add this idea to Discord.I can pay for this feature.BLESSRNG

  • Sebby

    I had the same idea, but why make it server dependent? You could also just make your own custom background. Some settings, to have a transition between the regular Discord grey and your background, regulate transparency and similar stuff. But the idea to have a "standart custom server background" would still be dope.

  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    While I would enjoy a Quote/Reply function and Message Forwarding, and having better organization of the servers you're in...

    It would be a lot easier for features like that to make it in if you submitted them separately and under different categories. Grouping everything together at once only adds confusion to the pile.

  • Nilved

    To add to this, being able to apply a personalized color to different chat rooms within a server would make finding specific chats on a server much easier at a glance

  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    This has been requested before, but I'll go ahead and upvote this one too, since it goes into a bit more detail.

  • Ouskar

    Lets give this more attention i was gonna write a post about the same thing then found this. Its really a feature that has to be added maybe in a update called server design or something becouse i’ve had a server for a really long time now but it needs more life in it not meaning people more colours and backgrounds ofcourse. And maybe adding to text and voice channels some webcam channels or something.

  • James

    I think a good way to implement this would be through paid or nitro, that way Discord can use it as a way to earn money for their platform as well.

  • ks
    Betted Discord is not allowed as injecting random code into client is rather... large security hole
  • Permanently deleted user
    Better Discord is something I don't think that will ever come back. It causes many problems. The themes and plugins just insert code that cause a security breach. Security breaches is something I am pretty sure that you or others do not want. It would be awesome if they allowed us to do themes and etc, and I hope they make it soon. But maybe not just free. Like have a couple free default ones then the rest that you can upload or have some made by discord for hypesqaud houses as themes to be with nitro. Idk It's just what i think.
  • Sosig
    As nice as this would be, it is unlikely that discord would be ok with us uploading custom themes into their files. Best case is in the store we can buy themes approved by them.
  • zachツ

    I love this idea, too! I really want to see them add this so that users can make their own theme for either public use which could be put under review until accepted or denied, or just personal use which someone could probably upload themself.

  • ToniDeCat

    I love the idea, just make it happen, it can't be THAT hard... right?


  • BitterApple

    This is a great idea! Been waiting for this!

  • Jeff Bozos

    Yes, I feel it would be really cool if each server could be unique by changing the colors and backgrounds of your server. Administrators would have access to change the scheme and design.

  • travelplays
    translation: "Please give me a new theme"
  • Dabbit Prime

    I misclicked and closed this by accident. Apologies. Corrected now.

  • chloroform chloe

    Discord dosen't even allow local client users to change their cosmetics, why would they change it on their side? Why do we need this feature, what benefits does it show? Besides, looking cool, of course.

  • !PuffyKinkaChu


  • ᛟ petke

    @Dabbit ur a staff, don't u? u should argue this "Custom Themes" with your team if you can. I support this idea btw

  • Arnold

    Having the very option to choose between server appearance and personal preference would be perfect

  • hiuwo

    if discord deals with feedback just a tiny bit better there needs no betterdiscord. #whatapity

  • Serfu

    this is very cool

  • Serfu

    this is very cool

  • Kitsunashi

    thank you kanye, very cool!

  • realacidic

    I really like the idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Bazingarrey

    I want it

  • elvis

    I would prefer the themes to be independent of the server you are in and just have custom Discord themes as an option for the whole interface, everywhere you're at. Regardless, Custom Themes are a feature I'd love to have and so I will upvote this and urge that Discord adds this feature, but perhaps altered in its usage.


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