A Custom "Badge/Achievement System"...


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  • LeetZ0r

    as for me this is a very interesting idea. Many discord communities are gaming. They often host extra-clan and intra-guild events. Badges created by server administration could serve as a reward.

  • travelplays

    I also think you should be able to import a picture for these ranks via the rol menu and that they dont need a emoj slot

  • marshall
    some custom made badges to be seen on your profile Discord could upload them into a database it would be nice
  • Connie M.

    I actually know how to do this but it only shows in server.
    You nickname somebody and add an emoji at the end, so they can collect badges too. Then you make a #badges channel and send all the badges like shown.

  • Shadow Striker

    Hello, I just wanted to say that there is a bot that allows you to make your own badges, it's called T4.
    It's not perfect, but it allows you to upload your own badges and give them to others.
    You can then view the badges you have using a command.

  • Sir Villarroel

    Yep, and I created that bot 😁.
    You can find it on https://top.gg/bot/395274201881247745 🙂.

  • Yourself

    I think it should be with a role, so if you have a role, you have a badge next to your name. Also, it would only work for the server you have the badge in.

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  • Zacatero
    I like this idea. Kind of like badges but not on profiles, but just like a name Suffix within a specific server
  • stormman34

    @Connie M.

    How did you do that? When I try it on my server it just shows up like stormman34 :smile: (for example)

  • T€G_A11CᗩP$ッ

    Don’t know

  • MC_DogWarrior

    I have a mixed opinion here...

  • MatthewJaluvka

    can someone translate

  • Sai Chinna
    Badges Like (Discord staff, Nitro, Server Boost etc..) will be useless If they can create their own/custom Badges. \🙄
  • ZerMal.kzb />
    It could be used to identify important roles at the limit but if not what interest?
  • Dr. Phil

    There has to be some literal meaning and use and priority to it.

  • Seviyon

    Hi Nelly,
    This situation is very disturbing to think.
    We may encounter new (discord) members who will have trouble separating (Discord) staff from members on our own server.

    Regards, Noe#1000.

  • ||Jojo||
    If you run a Discord Server/Community with ~10k Members you can apply for Discord Partner on https://dis.gd/partners . This includes a Badge and a lot of more awesome stuff.
  • Exaint
    Im not a fan of Badge overload so this is no from me
  • J1


  • Ben!
    please no. There’s already too many badges.
  • Spud
    The whole point in badges is that you have to do something to get them. This would be a meaningless feature.
  • _Dubrovski_

    Nice idea, maybe if we can link this to another idea https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360030416112-Custom-Badges-for-roles-similar-to-Crown-of-server-owner
    This could be great!

  • ||Jojo||
    Yeah so ppl can put fake Discord Staff/Partner Badges on their profile...
  • Frosty
    It already exists. No need to add more badges for that in my opinion.

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