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  • Vael Victus

    I'm sure it's coming soon, guys!

  • stayselected

    This should absolutely be an admin feature, management of servers with multiple specific topic channels is a nightmare without as posts often have to be left for a long time whilst you wait for the user to copy/paste of their own accord.

  • Darr247

    Also, PLEASE don't screw this up as bad as you did QR Codes...  what we asked for was the ability to scan a QR code after hitting in the lower left corner, to add a server (e.g. scan a QR code on someone else's device, or a poster or business card), and instead you made QR code logons that have become malware vectors for account takeover.

  • Ralgith

    I too would love to see this feature. As many others have said, when you have dedicated topics for each channel and people post in the wrong place... well it becomes a mess. Right now I'm just deleting posts and leaving a message why it was deleted.

  • drungle

    How many upvotes does it take for them to ack something? Cmon already.

  • Darker

    I too want this.

  • Darr247

    This blog entry was brought to my attention, but I see nothing in it that would keep them from just changing the channel_id on the moved messages, while keeping the message_id's the same, then noting the changes (listing all the message_id's moved) in the Audit Log along with the user ID of the mod/admin that did it.

  • Bob Atwell

    Please add this.  I think it would be immensely useful.

  • Blushadows

    Nine months since I added my voice here originally and about 600 more up votes from where we were at that time.

    Have we still had no official contact or even a message saying something like "hey, we see your need" yet?

  • Darr247

    Feel free to Mau Mau them at too.

  • dreamup


    There might be some technical challenges because the message id is unique inside each channel id, but it's possible to simply automate what mods can already do: copy the message by hand and delete the original one.

  • Blushadows

    dreamup - Darr247 posted about that same blog (4 posts up)

    The main problem with copy+paste and deleting the original, aside from the pure hassle and the tombstone issue touched on in that blog, is that it becomes "your" post when you, the admin/mod, paste it in the correct channel and is no longer attributed to the original author.  While this can be overcome by you pasting a "moved [username] message to proper channel" or something like that, I think many admins are looking to reduce the "shaming" factor of such moves.

    When a myriad of other, very similar, message and forum services can do this seemingly simple task, I think that's why so many of us are voicing frustrations here.  Look at the many messages within this thread wondering why it wasn't a given, something that should have been included from the get go.

    Lastly, if this is some coding atrocity that really would cause "technical challenges" as you've described, a simple comment from the devs could quickly bring an end to this discussion because finally we'd know.  At this point, I think many of us are waiting on just that acknowledgement. You know... Is it on the radar?  Is it not possible?  Is anyone listening?  That sort of thing.

    Cheers to you dreamup, at least we've got community thinking about it.  :)

  • Oomek

    During tidying one of our channels today I've discovered that Discord lacks such basic feature as moving messages between channels. I was hoping to find a solution, instead I found this thread :( . Get over it guys, Discord devs don't care about our feature requests.

  • MrGoodBytes

    Just think if they paywalled this feature with Nitro how many new subscribers they might get... 😝

  • Koshdukai

    Looking at

    I see that this request is only the 15th most voted one, so... I'm guessing we have A LOT to wait for this to be even recognized, let alone discussed by the dev team. (really hope I'm wrong)


    Also, there's this: "Alert: Delayed Responses from our Support Team due to COVID-19" which doesn't help either.

  • JKDDio

    The only solution until now, is copy paste the message you want to your preferred channel and then delete it. I am doing it a lot but before that I inform everybody for the change.

  • Darr247

    That's not a "solution" -- that's a "workaround"

    And not even a good one, since it changes the user name of the poster to whatever mod/admin copied/deleted/reposted it. Not to mention its date and time.


  • toxicity ☣

    I am utterly amazed that this isn't a feature, even after all of this time. Mindblowing.

  • Tibalt


    Il serait pratique de pouvoir déplacer un message de salon en salon. Pourriez-vous prendre en compte cette suggestions. Par avance Merci



    It would be practical to be able to move a message from living room to living room. Could you take this suggestion into account. Thank you in advance

  • SGTBones

    So, is this still not a feature? Can we make this a feature? Would be nice!

  • FriedMax

    Slack lets you do it. Just saying.

  • DanChristos

    Discord, release your source code into the public forum! Look how many people could have implemented this feature already,....

  • arpitthehero

    I am a moderator of a channel and I need this very badly. Please add this feature.

    Here is the Twitter post from almost 4 years ago by Twitter that they will look into it.

  • MarkUllman

    This is a basic function for admins. Move messages and merge channels. Both impossible.
    Appalling. Discord team, realize that ppl requesting this are admins on average, representing sometimes thousands of users.

  • Ryan Hellyer 🦇 🍄

    I find it very odd that this feature is not already implemented. It's infuriating having conversations crop up in the wrong channel and having to delete them, when they could just have been moved to the appropriate location. Forum softwares have had this functionality for a very long time. It's a fairly standard moderation tool.

  • znaczki654

    About the indicator of message being moved I'd consider this:

    -> right click on the message you want to move providing you have sufficient permissions,
    -> click move message
    -> (a window with a list of text channels will apear) select a text channel
    -> write an optional case of moving the message

    discord will pop out
    (on the channel the message was moved from) The message was moved, reason: <optional case> to channel <channel selected>
    (on the choosen channel to move the message) The message was moved from <channel from which message was moved>, reason: <optional case>

  • flamedance58

    This would be very useful especially for people who don't pay attention to where they are posting and overall needed for management of channels, servers, etc.

  • Sknymick

    1129 Up Votes would seem like a feature that's desired by the community.

  • CROW

    I too still think that this should be a feature because it would be really important for message structure in a server where there is a time line of images for example and you cant put one message above another without deleting the whole thing and reposting it again.

    Instead just move your messages to another channel, move the channel, boom your done,

  • kurosuke

    This isn't a thing yet?


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