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  • Yatima

    > this command nearly useless
    > You can only cut from the head or from the tail.

    At least, it works in any situation with a bit of bothering even if we have this condition.
    Use it twice.

    If you want to move messages between 1pm and 4pm from #foo to #bar...
    Firstly, move between 1pm and tail from #foo to #bar.
    Secondly, move between 4pm and tail from #bar to #foo.
    And... ta da!

  • Idzumi

    My team and i, have been testing the bot and is like Yatima said...will be laborious but is the only option found about this topic.  Or to create the bot.

    Also, i want to remark that the bot have a get response in his discord.  Had some  question about it and in an hour got the answer.  I try to explain what I’m looking for (moving specific message to an specific channel-even old message-) but I believe didn’t explain myself.  Maybe if we talk to the developer of NQN bot he can add that feature (faster than discord developers) 

  • AmeiLotus

    I refuse to add a bot for a simple feature as "Move_messages"... We need this ASAP discord. PLEASE!


    Maybe, on desktop, there could be a little select mode icon at the top next to muting the channel, pinned messages, and member list, that once enabled, shows a checkbox to the left of every message, and you can select multiple, or shift select to select a series of messages, and then move or delete the selected messages from there. Icons for those actions would appear to the left of the "select messages" icon and would only be there when select mode is activated. Of course this icon and functionality should only be visible/available to members with "manage messages" permission on that channel.

  • Thorben

    Further abuse prevention, to avoid ripping something out of context:

    There has to also be a note on the moved message, like the "edited" tag.

    If should be something like "moved message" and on click or mouse over "This message was moved from channel "#whatever" at "date_time".


    And i agree, there should be an automated message from the clyde bot to the writers and reactors of the moved messages:

    "X messages you wrote / reacted to on server Y were moved from channel #A to channel #B."

    To notify the users about the fact, that they posted it in the wrong channel and let them know in which channel they have to answer.

  • CerberusStyle

    Definitely a much needed feature..

  • d0x360

    Its ridiculous we can't move messages... Absolutely ridiculous.

  • CruncH_Ops

    Like all the other here, a web search led me to this thread and I was shocked to see the original posts detailing their disgust that it had been 3 years since Discord said they would explore this very basic feature.... and those posts were 2 years ago.  Yet, here we all are, apparently still waiting after 5 years now. 

  • Dr.Strange

    Count me in too !! Move messages is basic feature & could be really useful if used as Discord Administrator or Moderator.

  • maleko48

    Discord, PLEASE implement this feature!

  • Chimera

    Any reason this was never looked at :|? Too much focus on memes?

    As an organizational platform, Discord’s honestly kinda shit. Just worse slack with gamer branding at this point. You guys joked about discord “FINALLY” having folders about a year and a half ago when you added them but that was a massively requested feature that other frontends could do for you. This is a core feature people really want for the purposes of moderating and managing servers—at least a REASON it can’t / won’t be done would be preferable to outright silence for half a decade. Seriously.

  • c64skate

    It's important for channel consistency

  • ㄒㄚ尺丂ㄩ丂


  • Awesomer

    Still waiting for this years later...

  • ㄒㄚ尺丂ㄩ丂

    wonder why this ain't a basic feature

  • TheSquatch

    I +1 this option Discord.

    If it's something that really is problematic to add please just tell us with maybe a short reason why. We would all appreciate it vary much. Thanks for such a great app!

  • Powder

    I fully agree with this comment, by rbwhitater:

    Just add the damn thing already! (please)

  • AmeiLotus

    Is there a way to ping a discord admin to look at this? Do they ever even look at this category?

  • Uthael

    One day, somebody will just go "I'll do it myself" and create yet another platform. And we'll be comparing it to Discord like we used to compare Discord to Skype.

  • Josh

    Does that bot manage to preserve the original authors, somehow, or does it just mirror the conversation in another thread by posting people's names along with the original message?

    I would also like this feature. We're now to the point where so much garbage happens in #general that all meaningful conversation is had in #announcements.

  • LazyassedNinja

    As someone who likes to keep things neat and is administrating a discord with friends that post anything in any channel, this is honestly my most wanted feature. Discord pls.

  • MajikTom

    I added to this post about a year ago, maybe more, and have been watching as more and more people request this feature, which to be honest should be foundational functionality.

    I am a software delivery Project Manager and an Expert SCRUM Master, I am willing to PM this project for free. I am also willing to recruit a business analyst, a developer, a QA analyst, and a solution architect to run this project for free. Discord, would you finally put this on your backlog under these terms and give me a green light to run this project? All we would need is access to a dev environment, and a way to transfer code to your QA and Pre-Prod and you can take it from there. Deal?

  • d0x360

    They wouldn't Majik. This feature would be so easy for them to add. The fact that they haven't or that it wasn't there from day 1 speaks volumes.

  • Lx

    Please make this a feature. 

  • JuiceCoco

    Please implement this feature.

    All of the posters above basically pointed out all of the major points, so there is no sense in repeating. All I can say - I was looking for a solution online and basically it lead me here.

    I have no idea why you would hesitate to implement this. If it's some sort of philosophical agenda, then just say so. Or maybe it's some sort of technical limitation?

  • Koshdukai

    "only" 448 comments and 1631 upvotes currently... I guess that's still not enough for an official reply.

    This is still the 2nd most commented "Text Chat" request, after the "Message Threads" one and it's in 22nd place in number of votes :/

    Occasionally, I add a tweet about this, as a reminder to @Discord


  • dreamup

    > Or maybe it's some sort of technical limitation?

    It probably is, I tried to approach the subject but got downvoted. Messages have an unique identifier inside their channel. In another channel, that identifier may already exist.

    Fortunately, most of what people need from this feature can be achieved by simply automating something that admins can already do by hand. Copy the text from a post, delete it and make their own post mentioning "ya, this got posted over there" or something.

    That would mostly solve the problem, at least for me. In fact there are bots that already do this, it's more a matter of having a new option in the UI for this. That is the thing to be pushing for.

  • CreatureCaster_Peter

    Please add this feature! Server owners and their mods should be able to determine the channel where posts belong. Deleting the posts altogether seems more extreme than moving it and having it taken out of context (which would almost never happen in a well-moderated server).

  • miscreatality

    2 years later and still nothing happened. The two reasons of why not implement it in the header should be up to the server admin. I tried out a move-bot but it's just as good as copy/paste the users messages.

  • Nubnuk

    Every time someone writes a comment on this topic, I hope that something will finally change. But nothing has happened so far. 
    Please let the magic happen Discord!


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