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  • Ruku the Dragon

    This could be expanded with Channel Dumps! Moving every post from a single Channel to a newer one just sounds impossible if one were doing it one post at a time. Buuut, dumping a whole channel into another one would make things so much easier!!

  • Danny

    I hate having to tell people that they should move their question or link to a different channel.  I should be able to just do this as the admin/mod.  Its absurd that this is not a thing yet.  if discord is to serve as a forum alternative it needs basic features such as move message.


    DO. IT. NOW.

  • bastet_of_orion
    I think so long as the original channels shows some sort of notice that a message was moved, and possibly also to what channel, it would alleviate any potential confusion in both channels.
  • Darth
    This would open the door to a lot of abuse and require a lot of new permissions, so I'd say no.
  • DonatoHD

    no? xD

  • Minecraftiansayshi

    Nah. Not a big enough reason and like the other guy said, people could abuse with this

  • DonatoHD

    in what way do you abuse? It has as I said a permission

  • Jоsh


    I don't think that it is a good idea as it could be easily abused to create fake evidences for fake facts. 

    I see it a bit like if users with a certain permission, in a server, could edit people's message. 

  • Omenoir

    My friends sometimes seem incapable of posting things in the right channel, so I would love to be able to move their content instead of remove it and have them either dig the piece of media up again, or they will just go "Meh, not going to repost it" and it'll just be gone.


    Minor issue, I know, but this would be very nice to have.

  • Woody

    This really is a no-brainer, I know it's been said already but, PLEASE implement a move message function! Please? For me? For them? For US?

  • GulliverBFG

    Add one more to the list requesting "Move Posts" be added as a Group permission. Default to Off. Then able to activate by server owner only then delegate to whatever groups or Members I deem appropriate to whom to give this permission. 

    If you want to go deluxe, you can leave a trailing "breadcrumb" post behind that lets the user know where the post was moved, But that is not necessary.

    I'd be happy just being able to move a post when members fail to recognize where they are and post in the wrong place. 


  • dreamup

    If moving a post is too complicated, at least implement Slack's share feature. Some solution is better than no solution. Please invest more in basic features, otherwise I can't consider going Nitro.

  • seenaweena

    there's a fundamental issue here- this would lead to admins/bots being able to post on other users' behalf. Probably why they don't want to take this any further.

  • Eve

    This would only "lead to ... being able to post on other users' behalf" if it were very poorly implemented. The intent here is to make this an entirely new (to Discord) feature that would actually move the original post, without changing what it says, to a different channel. So by itself, the only risk there would be making it look like the user posted it in a different channel than they originally did. And that would also be avoided by just including a basic note on the post in any of various forms that indicates the post was moved from this channel to that one (and maybe by whom).

  • Bluecewe | Xterea

    Indeed, Eve. This proposal is only to allow messages to be moved. The content of messages would be unchanged. Further, the UI could include a clear yet subtle indicator in both the original and new channels. If it were implemented in this way, it would be clear that a message has been moved by an admin.

  • Kat21

    @Gehock .. That IS the same thread as this one............

  • Zacatero

    I really dislike this, it would make it so if i say something private in a locked channel, somebody could just move my message elsewhere publicly.

  • Feedback

    @Zacatero Well, it would be a tool that would be meant for use by upper-level moderators and admins, so hopefully abuse of it in that fashion would be minimal at-most. If that sort of abuse were ingrained enough to be done by admins on a given server, then I'd say that's an issue with that server's management being terrible more than anything else.

  • joel 1er

    Please, please, please....


  • Em

    @joel 1er


    ...let me get what I want this time...

  • lakea

    "this could be abused..."

    It could be, but if the server owner trusts me enough to give me Admin privileges, doesn't that mean I'm trusted enough not to abuse all of the other privileges that come with being an Admin? I always took that to be the reason there are Permissions and Roles to begin with. 

  • RetroDateNight

    PLEEEAAASE add this! 

  • mesub
    It's a good idea, however I can see it being slightly abused by spammers so unlike the normal edit messages, it would have a cooldowm
  • TheFatGeneral

    They already can??

  • H4lden

    We need this. Not quite sure why people here are thinking it would be abused. We are talking permissions, right?
    Any permissions can be abused. So, just add some restrictions.
    Why not add a little line with "moved by {user}" or something like that.
    That way anyone knows who moved the comment.
    Again, this is something we need.

  • Big Bone Babaxiang

    If your administrators and mods currently abuse their privileges it seems like that's the issue.


    I don't see how not adding new features will make this any better.

  • countofcounts

    I agree with this as a feature.  In its most basic form, there should be a permission to move a message to a new channel.  When the message is moved, it would have a moved tag added to it; or ideally, change the tag to say, moved by @user on mm/dd/yyyy next to the message's original post date.  That basic functionality would be tremendous.    

    However, there is one hurdle that I don't think people have considered yet.  At its core, Discord has separate permissions for each channel.  This kind of permission is cross-channel.  Like what happens when a user has permissions to post in #channel-1, but not in #channel-2 ?  Similarly, what happens if you have the MOVE_MESSAGES permission for one channel but not another? 

    The overly cautious and safe solution would be to demand a user have the MOVE_MESSAGES permission for both #channel-1 AND #channel-2, and also the user who posted the message must have permission to post that message in both channels as well.  With more discussion, this system could be made better.  But I'd be happy with just this.

  • ShowtimeJosh

    Please add this feature... Ideally you could just drag a message to the appropriate thread and it would place it in line chronologically.

  • fireundubh

    I collaborate on various projects in Discord servers. Teams often need to move posts to specific channels (e.g., screenshots, tasks, reminders, lists) to better organize that information, but teams can't do that, currently.

    As for the "potential for abuse" comments, I feel like these comments were mistakenly posted in the wrong thread. Allowing administrators, moderators, and other administrator-controlled roles to move posts between channels has no relation to editing messages, impersonating users, or spam.

    For decades, forum software (e.g., vBulletin, phpBB) has allowed administrators and moderators to move threads between forums. When threads are moved, optionally, a link to their new location appears at their original location so that users can find those moved threads again. In addition, "fine print" may be added to the bottom of the original post in those threads that typically reads: "Moderation reason: Thread moved by <moderator>."

    It is a critical feature for keeping communities organized, on-topic, and civil.

    Discord needs a similar feature.

  • mesub

    Another thing is, discord is not a piece of forum software, so features such as these are not needed

    Edit: Maybe not needed, but I run / administrate a broad amount of communities and I personally think that it isn't a massive necessity, after all the user can just re-post in a different channel



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