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  • TazQuebec

    Yes, it is needed!

  • Dark Vagician

    Being able to click, drag and drop messages under an "edit mode" would be really sufficient, since most servers have their channels categorized we have a constant need/want to be able to relocate these messages to their correct channels. We get new people everyday and regulars that post media files, or off topic texts, personally I don't like making people have to delete to repost when there could be an easier and quicker solution. This is an occurrence that happens daily. "Edit Mode" could also act as a mass message mover, or mass delete, or even archive. That would be something nice to have on discord.

  • Leveretry

    I cannot believe this is still not a feature. please guys, people have been asking for this for 3 years now

  • Alricv

    Come on guys? I'd be nice if you made it possible. 

  • index.ts
    This is just asking for messages to be taken out of context and abused
  • Bluecewe | Xterea

    'This is just asking for messages to be taken out of context and abused'

    This has been discussed before, and the concerns were addressed.

    First, the UI could indicate that the message has been moved.

    Second, the action could be recorded in the Audit Log.

    Third, any power can be abused. That's the fundamental nature of power. It must be placed in safe hands. Powers like moving, muting, kicking, and banning members could be said to be much more impactful than moving a message, especially if abused. If a community chooses to appoint and maintain abusive powerholders, that's the fault of the community, not the power itself.

  • Drako

    How would this be abused , If the server admin set the permissions on the server and selects moderators then it is their job to move messages that belong in a specific chat if they are not in the correct chat channel.

  • appurist

    Any "abuse" is a lesser problem than the current need to delete messages in order to keep a channel focused on topic. As I pointed out in my comment on page 3, this leads to cries of censorship (when all you wanted to do was move it to the correct place) and all the drama that this can cause. And:

    "It means that with Discord you can only really choose between leaving it all in the wrong place, polluting the focus of a channel, taking discussions off-topic, OR you can delete it all, creating potential censorship and butthurt drama, and possibly lose good posts that contribute something, just because it's in the wrong place.  With move, of course, you retain everything, with attribution, in order, but in the desired channel."


  • jugganuts

    come on discord your gonna lose your customers when another competitor comes along, and you dont want that do you? just listen to your users... i mean if you have time to take money for nitro you have time to implement this feature...

  • dreamup

    It's simpler than that. I can host my own bot to try to solve this problem for me or I can take that money and buy nitro. What's it gonna be Discord?

  • AliCatGamer

    This has 351 up votes and was posted 6 months ago and still nothing has been done.

    Come on Discord! Add this feature! 

  • KensonPlays

    AliCatGamer, they haven't seemed to do anything, there's not even "Streaming" status support for YT or Mixer yet, and it's been 3 years. I would say those are very important too.

  • Flavien

    Dear developers,

    This move message feature is definitely something we need to solve posting mistakes as a moderator. This without having to tell every new member that fail to send to the good place how miserably they behaved.
    It would save us a lot of time and energy.
    Thank you

  • kontratak

    The need for this feature is urgent. Without this, we find ourselves in awkward situations. We have to use quote bot to supposedly "move" messages at times, and always have to warn users not to post messages to irrelevant channels...

  • deefa

    Please Discord, make move messages a thing, it'd really help us moderate text channels. Thank you.

  • Albileon

    How is this still not a thing yet? Honestly, this is such an easy thing to implement. And should've been in there for a long time already, for ages I've just been waiting hoping it to be implemented soon, but as of today there are still not plans for it? How?

  • AdultContent

    There are two features I'd appreciate, and this is one of them. The other is sub categories/channels. 

  • LastLaugh

    Wish we had this feature too. Errand boy and Mr. Producer keep putting things in the wrong place and I would love a move message feature. ALSO, still can’t believe we can’t leave comments or start threads on posts. These two features alone would make the platform so much better.

  • D3V1L0M3N

    Move Message feature needs to be implemented into Discord.

    For moderation purposes, I should be able to move a message that a member accidentally put into the incorrect channel - instead of deleting and forcing them to re-post.

  • Jimtanis

    Move message would be a great addition!

  • XLO

    Several months (years) later, and it's still not an available feature for use.

  • WallJumpNetwork

    Bump. Really, like we live in an era when big companies have Discord servers (i.e., Microsoft) and you can't move messages from one channel to another? I love to sing the praises of Discord over Slack and others, but I don't have anything good to say about this. 

  • lulabyte

    We absolutely need this feature. How long, Discord? I'm sick of people posting the wrong thing in the wrong channels and me having to get all mama hen on 'em

  • NewAlexandria

    It's really hard to see the value of this feature. 

    There is too many avenues to people feel they are being censored.  Also, having your messages moved on you reduces agency, which leas to other problems.  People may be less likely to contribute ("i don't do it the right way"), or less likely to try to do things right ("someone else can fix it")

    Sorry to 'vote' this way, all, but I can grok if Discord doesn't implement this.  Also, I've never seen this feature in a chat app; only in workflow apps like Atlassian, etc.

  • Kozy

    Good point NewAlexandria. I just want to move/copy messages to their own channel that me as the admin has made. I need to categorize documentation posts and make it easier for my players to find.

  • appurist

    This is the other problem with Discord: my lengthy reply to @NewAlexandria has gone into "Pending approval" status because I edited it too many times too fast.  In such a long post, I noticed a couple of typos and unclear wordings, and edited it several times in about 5 minutes. Or because I edited it after someone replied. Not sure what the trigger is.That triggers some kind of auto-review process requiring a moderator to manually intervene.

  • appurist

    You know what, I posted a lengthy explanation of why this feature was the most important -- by far -- feature that I wanted to see on the Discord roadmap, because I have been passionate about the product and love it otherwise (with the two exceptions below). It is my preferred discussion product in discussions (at least where I do not need to moderate or administer the server). 

    However, where I do, or where I need to recommend a product for use by an organization, I just realized I must break with Discord over this issue and two others:

    1. Discord does not have the ability to for a server administrator to move a message from one channel to another.
    2. Discord has this weird auto-"Pending approval" trigger that I haven't been able to get an answer from them in the past or had control to disable it on my server, causing drama and censorship claims on my server.
    3. Discord developers or community staff have this "Feedback" area but even after years of active discussion on a feature cannot be bothered to indicate whether a request for a feature is even on their radar or publish a roadmap. Or explain this approval trigger or offer a way to disable it on my own server.

    This should be extremely embarrassing for any organization that takes pride in what it offers.

    What is the point of posting here, especially when I do take the time and it goes into "Pending approval" so that nobody can read it.  (Welcome to the drama we face as Discord server admins, Discord.) I'm done trying to explain why this (was) important. I'll find a product that serves my needs better, or I'll make my own.

  • fireundubh

    > There is too many avenues to people feel they are being censored.

    Censorship would involve deleting posts and banning users, which is what we can already do now.

    > People may be less likely to contribute ("i don't do it the right way")

    <sarcasm> Because the current procedure doesn't cause users to feel that way, right?

    In order to "move" posts now, here's what you have to do:

    1. Instruct the user to post in the right channel.
    2. Hope they repost in the right channel.
    3. Regardless of whether they do, delete their post.

    <sarcasm> Yeah, that's so much better than moving a post to the right channel so they don't have to put any effort into navigating to the right channel and reposting what they just wrote.

    <sarcasm> Yeah, that's so much better than moving a post and the system automatically leaving a link behind to where the post was removed so all users have to do is click to be in the right channel.

    > or less likely to try to do things right ("someone else can fix it")

    And that's where rules, administrators, and moderators come into play. Problem solved.

  • Glenn McGrew

    I'd LOVE to be able to move messages to a more appropriate conversation!

  • appurist

    As I mentioned above:

    1. Discord has this weird auto-"Pending approval" trigger that I haven't been able to get an answer from them in the past or had control to disable it on my server, causing drama and censorship claims on my server.

    I took the time to post a lengthy explanation for why this moving messages issue was so important. But I see the other major problem with Discord has swallowed it. Perhaps for good.

    Discord requires manual intervention by moderators as part of normal operations. This should be unacceptable to administrators of discussion forums.  Combined with the inability to move things into the correct place, it means Discord is not appropriate for any serious uses involving customers and users of a product or forum members outside your organization.

    This also implies that nobody with any real impact is reading these messages.  Or as most of my users assume, that I am being censored.  This causes drama for me due to a "feature" that I cannot disable, and cannot get any feedback on from Discord.  Just like this discussion.  Perhaps we should protest the lack of message moves by posting something off-topic but useful in discussions Discord considers important (if there are any).

    I have realized that I must abandon Discord.  I won't post again here (unless my message pending approval gets finally seen by someone and approved).  Discord as an organization, and as a product, is not professional enough for my needs (which are pretty basic.)  I'm really disappointed, because I was such a proponent and supporter of Discord. They've really let us down.


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