Generate an invite link to add a user to a role.


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  • Torbjörn

    Kinda like privilege keys with TeamSpeak, I like it. The one caveat with this would be that if you don’t generate a unique invite and the invite gets out everyone would be able to claim the role.
    Side note: This is kinda possible with a bot that tracks invite uses and when it increases when a user joins. It might not work in practice though since there could be a lot of people joining and the bot might not be able to keep track. (Suppose two people join at the same time — two invites would increase... who joined with what invite?) Another option would be sending a bot a unique code to redeem a role. My final solution would be a login with Discord via OAuth and assign roles that way.

    TLDR; is possible but not as easy for the end user.

  • Rpm103

    I want to be able to create a permanent link with a role attached to it. I have a game platform where people join my discord through the game, and there is no reason for them to go into the pool of generic users when they are obviously there for a certain reason. Considering I can't always be active to reroute their roles, this would be great for me.

    I see it can be done by bots and I will look into that for now, but I think it would be nice to have native.

  • Spud
    As this isn't a feature yet, I recommend you use the mee6 bot for this.
  • hasankayra04

    discord bots can do it for you example: mee6

  • Frosty
    You can use bots for autorole
  • undermaster.

    Many bots can do that but if you're asking for a built-in one. That's a good idea

  • JawsHC

    then make it so that the autoroles dont count when pruning

  • Wip3ou7

    Yes please! I also have a Discord link integrated into my game and I want people who join our Discord server through the game's UI to have a certain role automatically assigned to them. Make it happen, please!

  • Sztaszov (Vagrus - SRPG)

    Agree. We need this!

    @people who say mee6 can do this. - mee6 can only grant EVERYONE with the SAME role. The use-case here to grant different roles based on different invite links. I.e.: sharing a link to one particular channel grants automatically one role, while a link to another channel adds a different role to the new member. 

  • GrifGrif
    this is a good idea, maybe add connexions roles too
  • TechMaster85

    Great idea! Makes invite links more than invite links.

  • Lennart

    Oder dass nur Freunde von Freunden den Link benutzten können
    Gute Idee

  • Commander

    This is such an obvious, important, and easy to implement feature to have. I have no idea why this hasn't been done yet...

  • CharmiiVTesting

    To all the people saying "bots can do auto role" or something to that effect, you don't get the OP's concept. The goal is not simply to auto-assign a single role to every new member. The goal is for the unique invites to assign a role based on which invite code was used. Read the post and try to understand before you make assumptions that the OP hasn't done research.

    This would be an excellent feature. People joining from twitch would get the "Twitch Follower" role, and people joining from a YouTube link would automatically get the "YouTube Follower" role. A brilliant idea.

  • DrewTheGeek

    I've tried using BOTS. Each one has it's own command set and way of doing things. Not only would the average user need to know that bots exist, but they would need to install and configure one and then the "invite" would still just be an invite that really isn't track-able or use-able other than in the broadest sense.  I would like to note that it seems that many of these bots are trying to solve one simple issue: A way to have multiple discord servers without having multiple discord servers.

    So, I could create a discord server for my Star Wars group and another one for my Ingress group. Then I could manage each fairly easily and the default role would be fine as having two different servers would provide the same role separation. I don't know how resources are allocated on the Discord main servers but it seems to me that more instances of full Discord servers requires more resources. So adding tools directly into Discord to allow server owners more flexibility in how they manage their own servers, would, at least in my mind, decrease the need to create extra Discord Servers and reduce resources. Then I could have Two channels instead of two servers.

    Bots also depend on other servers and other programmers to maintain and keep functional instead of Discord's own intelligent and competent staff. This means that any time Discord updates or changes code, there's always a chance a bot will break and no guarantee that the bot code will/can be fixed.

    If there is more native flexibility in how invites are created and what properties are attached to those invites, it can help Discord server owners better maintain and manage a single server without the need to create more than one or delve into the murky world of Discord bots.

    Ultimately I feel a much better long term solution would be to develop a plugin system for Discord where you can add functionality to your own server through Discord provided plugins instead of bots. I feel this would allow the Discord developers more flexibility on creating new options and fixing current bugs, while also allowing more flexibility and choice for Discord server owners.

    While bots are great for adding games, greeting people, streaming music, and even some things not appropriate for polite company, I'm not sure that automation of Discord server functions (auto choosing a role)  should be one of them.


  • ImRock

    Discord ensures that there will be no breaking changes as if this occurs then a lot of other dependancies other than just bots will also break. The purpose of bots is to the ground between discord servers and plugins as the staff have to focus on other elements of the service and if you are worried about bots breaking you should concider a bot that is actually being actively being developed on instead of stating that all discord bots just break for no reason when discord updates and there being no certainty that it will be fixed.

    Having some sort of plugins for discord servers would remove any sort of purpose for bots which have been well established in the community and would be a reinventation of the wheel and would generally be a waste of time.

  • Yodamoo

    For quite some time i have been using a Bot called Invite-Role Bot.  It has been working perfectly with the link I put in my Free Company window in Final Fantasy 14.  It gave every member the Rank I wanted them to have but not people who joined with other links.  Well suddenly Yesterday it stopped working for some reason.


    Mee6 and Tatsumaki and Dyno do Not do this!  They can only give everyone who joins, the same rank. 


    Need Invite-Role Bot to start working again or need a new bot that can do it...or Discord to just integrate it as is should be anyhow lol


    Edit: ImRock, has a good point..but It's kinda invalidated by the fact that I just gave a perfect example of the problem which would be fixed by Discord doing it themselves...there are no bots currently doing this now that Role Bot has stopped working and so the whole "Reinventing the wheel" analogy goes out the window.

  • Yodamoo

    Do the Devs even see this stuff?  Does anyone at Discord even care?  Like is this something they are considering?  Something they are 100% not going to do(for some crazy reason)?  Something they don't even know about?!  Someone tell a Dev if you know one or have that power!! lol

  • Hayalperest (Raog)
    what a good idea!
  • Fasteroid

    I just found myself needing this today and I'm baffled there's not a clear-cut solution by now, with or without bots.

  • JT

    If you use the bot Invite-Role Bot or Dyno you can do it!

  • Sebastian Nielsen

    Agreed. This would also make server administration easier, as you could create moderator invites and put into the moderator sub-forum of another platform, so your current moderators can also claim a moderator role on Discord.

    Of course, such invites with associated roles must of course have a "Claim role" button instead of "Already connected" if you are already connected to the server, but doesn't have the role associated with the invite.

    (This would then allow you to claim multiple roles if you see multiple invites with different roles associated)

    To create such invites with associated roles, you must then both have the create invite permission, and the manage roles permission, and the associated role that you associate with the invite must be lower than your own. (ergo, you must be able to assign that role to any member yourself, to be able to create such a invite)

    Of course any invites already created, that have a associated role, must be completely hidden (in the server administration panel) for those that lack the manage roles permission. So they cannot "cheat" themselves a role, without finding the invite where it was originally posted.


    This could also replace the "direct invite to channel" feature, by instead if you want to keep a channel secret to only invited people, you would instead create a role that have access to that secret channel, and assign that role to the invite.

  • bobConstrutor

    This would be a really powerful tool, that can organize your community based on where they found your Discord Link.

    I'm waiting for this for so long...


    I don't like bots to do auto role because they will auto role everyone.

  • Qeynein

    I agree with adding this function, though my use of Discord is a bit different.  I'd like to add the Discord role assign invitation through a link that would have a longer expiration, preferably an assignable expiration (30 days, 365 days) as Discord access (and role) would coincide with the users / invitees subscription to my website.

    Perhaps a script that generates an invite automatically and sends it to the email address entered into the application page... expiration date counted from the date the script generated the invite.

    I'm certain someone out there smarter than me can figure out how that gets written... ;-D

  • DragonFeathers

    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for and need. Please make this a thing. I don't need bots that automatically provide the same role to everyone - I need roles assigned specifically based on the invite code used. 

  • Acco
    This would be a great feature, in fact a lot of bots feature would be great as native discord features, like muting, message logs etc
  • Dana

    One year later... no one from the staff replied to this thread? What a shame ;/ Could you please at least tell if that's doable or not? Such a feature would be highly appreciated not only by casual servers but most needed by certified server owners. 

    As an example, imagine you are an owner of a 1k+ server dedicated to your software (game, or even... Dicord). You wish to invite your most loyal/interested/kickstarter/beta tester/ones that paid/newsletter users to join your super-secret locked channel dedicated only for them. As for now you have to do it manually... for, let's say, 500 users.

    You see now how useful it would be to add them a role just via invite link? I'm sending a newsletter with a link, and all those super-devoted people in my software's development join my chanel dedicated just to them... magic! By the way I could count how many of those newsletter one guys used the link, thus I could say what % of newsletter guys are the active users.

  • Tabrix

    yeah it would be really cool I agree !

  • EpicPix

    i agree too.

  • pigs dont fly - GT 🎅🇵🇹

    I also used the invite-role bot. It’s easy to setup and does the job, but I have to say it has a terrible downside which is the way server acts with that bot function. When someone joins server the roles are assigned properly but server don’t display channels feed for a while. This can defeat the interest of a new discord user to start engaging and just leave because it is so slow. I guess this being a discord feature would make things role faster...

    side note, I’ve also asked for some bot devs to have a command that makes a bot send a message on designated channel everytime someone gets a role assignment. Functionality comes along with this feature in discussion; now you get bots to send a Welcome message to new users joining server, but even if you have the invite-role bot sending people to designated welcome channels, the welcome message will still display in every single channel setup for bots to auto welcome people. This is making my head in for days now...


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