Compact mode for mobile


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  • Bailey

    I’d love to have this!

  • Rotsteinblock

    I couldn't agree more, if people are talking in one line mesaages I can barely fit 10 lines of message text on the screen at a time

  • cyclohaxane

    I actually just tweeted to discord about it, i absolutely agree woth you,I enjoyed it on desktop and looking forward to see it on android/ios clients

  • Celesian

    I agree. It would be useful for trying to get through old chats quicker

  • jedi3
    Hope to see this become a thing in the near future. Definitely useful for moderation, and keeping track of messages.
  • phencyclidine father
    I would like to see this feature on mobile, I always use it on my pc, so I would like to also use it on my phone.
  • Let's Zeppelin

    Please, I want this

  • pork


  • Bert

    Very important to have it asap

  • DataCell

    +1, good for limited data plan users too (in case we don't want to spend data for profile pictures)

  • Zackariah

    I agree with DataCell, my limit is 5 gigs and Discord is usually the cause for it.

  • Nice Guy

    I want compact mode for mobile pease discord 

  • CD

    Yes PLEASE! Compact mode for the mobile app would be awesome. :)

  • genbread

    please for the love of god add compact for mobile there isn't enough screen space on phones and sometimes i cannot stand looking at pfps every time somebody posts, and while you're at it just make mobile have all functionality of pc except the obvious things like plugins

  • NobleDraconian

    I'm not sure why they didn't add compact as an option for mobile, especially considering the fact that mobile devices have a lot less screen-estate than computers do. My phone isn't exactly that big, so I'd like to enable compact mode so I can see more messages on screen.

    I'd love to see this added as a feature.

  • gio

    Would actually love this. Its in the computer app might as well add it to mobile and its something much more useful for mobile tiny screens than a computer too

  • Dongorongoro

    I'd really like this, too. Many messages in the servers I'm in would fit into a single line; compact mode would nearly double the amount of backlog visible. It'd be nice if compact mode disabled downloading avatars until you opened the dialog showing more info about a user, too. Each one may be small individually, but they add up when you're in several servers with lots of users.

  • DimensionalRun

    i definitely want this

  • Catalin

    +1 I want this feature too

  • Or

    +1, this is an almost mandatory feature. The screens sizes differences makes really odd for compact mode to be implemented on desktop and not on mobile.

  • djnotti

    Please add this for mobile!

  • Qew

    Add it. Makes mobile more readable

  • LuCl3

    +1, yes please!! profile icons tend to get distracting for me sometimes, so i'd really appreciate compact mode on mobile 

  • test-person

    The reason why this isn't implemented yet escapes me...
    Discord should've shipped with that option.

    Please add it! <3

  • Gunpowder

    Why is this not an option yet Discord!?


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