Only 14 years old



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  • Onoira

    I'm not sure that's how this works.

    Discord could limit the age of members to 18, but that won't stop anything. The 13+ age limit is mostly just compliance with the Child Online Protection Act. This applies to most any service which collects userdata.

  • narfx

    Yes, but why anothers need to be banned because of these kids who's crying and making to us reports for nothing...?
    I see a lot of kids who swearing and stuff like this and no one can stop these kids.

  • DreamPhreak

    Look for a bot to add to your server to remove messages with swearing/spamming.

  • WeirdScienceX

    It's easy to stop spamming/swearing etc.  I personally use customised versions of Red, it can blacklist/whitelist terms etc


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