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    Dabbit Prime

    Hi, sorry you're having this problem. If you'd like help in troubleshooting your issue, please fill out this form:

    However, since this website is for suggestions on new features to add to Discord I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • microscoftsupport

    Captcha exists to keep bots out, if captcha was not implemented "auto login" or "auto spam" bots will overload discord servers, captcha is good. Captcha may at times make you complete a "challenge" to get, and it may at times give you ~10, this may be for many reasons, VPNs, abnormal browsing activity etc... 

    ^^^This Might Help

  • Achae

    I have trouble also. The pictures too small and it has taken over 10 minutes of a perennial loop where I finally give up. I know captcha is needed but there are better ones then what is used.



  • PixelBuster

    You can, in fact, disable captchas!! to do this, enable two-factor authentication and download the google authenticator on your phone! then all you have to do is enter a 6 digit code to prove that you're a human


  • PixelBuster

    Achae, you're impossible. I guess you're right! They should totally get rid of it and allow for brute force hacking of all of your accounts, makes total sense. Or -or, and hear me out in this, you can get Google authenticator which is an app that gives you a simple six digit freaking code!! Jesus, it's not that difficult. It's even easier than the old captcha.

  • PixelBuster

    Actually, it's traffic based whether or not it's just a checkmark. So if your IP address gets a lot of logins, it's captcha that determines the extra step, so maybe go complain to Google, as will captchas are made by them. They OWN them. *double winks* (not blinking, just winking twice with the same eye). *drops mic*


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