Ability to ping a voice chat


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  • dabaldeagul

    I currently use userhound for that. It can assign a role to someone as soon as he joins a voice channel and remove it when they leave

  • Zen Svelte

    The owner of the server I'm in doesn't like bots so that won't work for me

  • lengo
    I don't think this is necessary. They can just tag the people individually or just tag here.
  • DogManJr

    @here doesn't work the way the OP described. It pings everyone that can see the text channel it was sent in.

    I think the OP meant that, it would ping the 5 people in VC2, but not the 6th person if the 6th person entered the VC after the ping was sent. It also would not ping anyone that is able to enter the VC channel, but was currently not in the voice channel when the ping was sent.

  • Darth
    Perhaps a @channel trigger?
  • Oziwag

    This would be good if it acted like a temporary permission to ping where only people in the voice chat have it and only people in the voice chat can ping it. It will help draw attention to game/topic-related text messages such as links, game joint codes, etc. It would be much easier than individual pings every time. It would also be good to have the ability to turn this feature on and off in permissions and per voice chat. Or... perhaps it would be better to be able to link a voice and temporary text channel (can’t be seen unless in the right VC unless you have permission such as mod/admin/owner) so they can be used for this purpose.

  • metasamsara

    I would also like to add that this would be a great feature for gamers who for some reason have voice com disabled but still hang around others in VC, occasionally sending a text message. It would help bring attention to that message instead of going unnoticed, for instance while the others in VC are in a match and Discord is not in focus.


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