Quick Reply on iOS Banner


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  • GhoultheKitty
    This would actually be a pretty nice feature to implement, especially when you need to stay onto another application because you're busy but want to reply to people.
  • natsuki

    Would be handy af!

  • аIcide
    Android allows you to quickly reply to messages on the banner. It would be nice for iOS to have Quick Reply functionality too
  • TimThe
    this is currently already possible on android
  • jedi3
    Definitely would be useful if you are on the go, and can't get into the server or dms right away to answer to the ping.
  • Casuallynoted

    I would also love to see this. I don’t think it would be super difficult for discord to implement, but could be wrong.

  • UnTubular

    Agreed, switching from Android to iOS made this very obvious to me. Woud love to see it added!

  • Buran

    This would also allow dictated responses for Apple Watch users, or quick Scribble replies. No actual watch app required.

  • Christian

    +1! I have been missing this a ton since I switched to iOS. I also got an Apple Watch and not being able to reply on it is a major drag. Please add this!

  • skipplydoodle

    Replying to DMs without having to open the Discord app would be suuuper handy. Would love to see this implemented!

  • chaNcharge

    This could make replying to quick DM's so much faster with minimal interruption; I would happily accept this feature!

  • YourFace

    Yes, the swipe between photos feature is a basic UI function that is absent and desparately needed.

  • Kal

    I'm already able to do this, and have been able to for months. Running Android Pie, but been able to do this since Oreo.

  • Rentiger12

    i want notifications to show up on my phone even when im away from keyboard, example I have apple watch, if discord is open on my desktop at the same time i get no notifications. What if im AFK i want those notifications on my watch too so i know im getting a PM or call. 

  • thetechguy
    this is a good idea to make users less annoyed
  • shane

    Switched my podcast planning group from Slack to Discord and I really miss this small feature. 

  • NathanNorth
    yeah, i liked this suggestion and can be a good feature, +1
  • James 👾🚀

    This! Its super annoying going from Gchat.. a really old app... to this! and not having this functionality.
    I use discord to chat to my wife daily. We miss this feature greatly.

    +1 from me

  • Macley

    Really hope they add this, in just in the beta only to get this feature earlier!

  • Smay

    Back when I used Skype it had this feature and it was amazing

  • Delol

    Discord looks lagging behind when we compare some features to iMessage & FaceTime... makes me sad, I’d love to have such things with Discord!
    Replying was introduced in iOS 9 or earlier..

  • Macley

    True! Really hope they add this, I don’t think this is too much work right?

  • dbv

    Agreed. Would be really nice to have this feature on iOS as well!


  • dbv

    Actually, it may be also supported on Mac as well so would be nice to get it there too. 🙏

  • Flebsy

    A very overdue feature

  • mango

    omg yessss we need this .

  • skyf1ame


  • kennethlinzj

    Please add it. It's quite a basic and essential feature for a messaging app. 


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