Search Trouble


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  • RogueSakura

    that, and/or add another arrow at the very top so you can at least skim through results faster. after all, you don't always know the exact page you need. sometimes, you don't even know if it's page 5 or 50...

  • Doggo

    I am guessing you are able to type where the 3 is and change it to a different page number?

  • karl-police

    You type in a number in the input box and hit enter and it brings you to the page.

  • almostsuspense
    good suggestion
  • Venturer Wild

    To all the people saying to "type in the box" the page number that you want, this is why I made the suggestion that there be a box. There is not currently a place where you can type a page number. The only option is to scroll down each individual page and click the next button. Not being rude, just clearing up the misconception


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